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Ixion Blog Writing & Pen Design

As part of my position at Ixion, I decided to write regular blog articles on my experience as a first-time employee. As I was taken on through a Government scheme, I often spoke about employment in politics, sharing my thoughts on how issues such as the rising numbers of young people who leave university and can’t get work and the lack of positions available. My blog become so popular that Nick Clegg actually read it!
I’ve included just a few of the images below. I formatted, updated and styled the entries with both HTML and CSS. The other young people taken on through the Future Jobs Fund said that they found my blog really interesting and comforting and as a great way to express the need for more experience-based positions for those seeking a career in the creative industries.
This was the first time I had actually attempted to write a blog, and it lead to me eventually starting me own! I loved expressing myself and my opinions, sharing information and ideas that would hopefully inspire and help someone else.

Another first for me, was design a pen! The colours, styles, artwork were all selected and designed by myself and to see the final product was amazing! Everyone in the company used them and they were handed out at events! Below is the artwork and visual representation of the finished article.

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