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Attending the Cosmopolitan Awards!

On the 26th of October, I attended the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards near Regents Street. It was my first big event, and I absolutely LOVED it! It was an incredibly long day with a presentation earlier in the afternoon, but it was absolutely worth it. It’s taken so long for me to write about simply because work has been manic. I get home and keel over onto my bed. I really need to make sure I write more..

We left the Head Office at around 3 o’clock, heading for the train station. I had my brand new Oasis dress and Next shoes in tow and I was ready to have a great night in London! When we got to Regents Street, which is just AMAZING; we crossed the road and went to a lovely restaurant called Garfunkel’s. Jasmine, Naf and I had a booth, which really added to the experience for me. As someone who isn’t that well travelled around London, I got to sit back and people-watch and look around the streets. The Christmas lights have just started to be put up, and there was a definite Autumnal feel to the place!

After we paid and Naf had already left, we ventured on down Regents Street, where we then came across Liberty. I was completely shocked. It was just beautiful. I am a lover of architecture and design, obviously, but this just took my breath away. I know I should be more knowledgeable of London, but the way I look at it is that now I have no excuse not to travel all around London and see everything I haven’t!

The Liberty’s eclectic and innovative design just had me in awe. It was without doubt a huge added bonus to the trip.

After a quick wander through the beautiful ground floor, we left and headed towards the Benefit Boutique around the corner on one of the little roads. There was a pub, little shops and cobbled streets. I fell completely in love with it.

We were greeted by all the BeneBabes who were all so friendly and helpful. I have to say that that’s definitely something you get boutique to boutique. I’m not being bias; Benefit’s employees are some of the nicest I’ve ever come across! They offered to do my make up for me, so I went downstairs and got changed into my glamorous purple dress first. It was a beautiful Oasis dress that hugged my figure in all of the right places, and for someone with little confidence and plenty of insecurities, it really made me feel amazing for the whole night.

Now, I love having my make up done. I’m not a typical ‘girly girl’, so doing hair/make up, doesn’t come too natural to me! I went for a sophisticated and glamorous look; nothing over the top. My boss, the lovely Jasmine, took many a photo of the evening; here’s one of me ready and rearing to go:

We got to the venue, a bar called ‘Century 24’ I believe, on Kingly Street, gave in our coats and walked down the amazing purple-lit tunnel to the main event. As soon as we entered, we were welcomed by a bar back lit red, covered with cocktail glasses filled with Cosmopolitans, (of course). There were also beautiful cupcakes with decorations including notepads and lipsticks made of icing. I didn’t eat any simply because they looked too good to eat. I had 2 cosmos though. Waste not!

The evening got off to a great start, with everyone in great spirits, socialising and taking photos. There were loads of introductions made, videos shot, and not forgetting some Benefit make-overs being done! Kyra, our Head of Promotions and myself were video-interviewed by a style site and blog, which was completely exhilarating and nerve-racking at the same time! I met a few of the ladies from Cosmo who were all lovely and really friendly.

We may not have won the best branded blog, but we did have a great time. It was a moral victory for Benefit Cosmetics! I got my nails done (which are still intact today!), met some great people, and experienced my first proper event. I also felt like a princess in my purple dress, which generally helps! I did get a rather amazing goody-bag at the end of the night as well, with some great face creams including the new BB from No7.

I won’t deny I was exhausted by the end, especially in the heels I wore! But I have to be honest, it was SO. WORTH IT. Since then I’ve been to London again with our Head Makeup Artist Lisa PD, which I will write about later, but travelling more has given me so much more confidence and freedom. I head to Internet Week tomorrow, where Benefit is having some work that I did represented whilst we talk about what we’ve achieved and our plans for the digital future. I’m a little nervous about questions etc, but I’m sure it’ll be okay! Hopefully I’ll meet lots of lovely sexy executive types… that’ll definitely help!

Peace x

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