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Work So Far!

I’ve been at Benefit 2 months tomorrow. I can’t believe how quick it’s gone! I think now would be a great time to show some of the work I’ve done and everything I’ve achieved since being at Benefit. Who knows, maybe in 10 months time, when my internship comes to an end, I’ll release each post I do and make a book, like Carrie in Sex and the City! “A Year in the Life of a BeneGal!”. Well….. we’ll see!

Firstly what I’ll show is a photo gallery I did called ‘Top Sellers’. I used a platform called Wildfire, that allows you to use templates already on their system or you can create your own through CSS and JavaScript. I’ll hopefully be going on a training course for both that’ll mean I can do far more with the application and let my imagination run ‘wild’!

This tab shows our four main products and promotions at the moment. You can click on each button and get more information and imagery on that item. It also links to the website, and will be updated regularly with our new products. It took 2 weeks to complete due to so many technical issues… but when it was completed and finally put online, it was such an amazing feeling!

The reception I got from in the office and from Wildfire themselves, was just amazing. It was actually this piece of work that got us invited to Internet Week (which I attended yesterday). For me, I love knowing my hard work and perfectionist nature is really appreciated. I’ve only been at Benefit for a short while, but I’m so pleased my work is being recognised by some.

See below for some images!

“The sliding-gallery tab looks pretty amazing on your page, I have to say. I have shared it all around the office and everyone loves it.”

“I just had a look at the Benefit Cosmetics UK page and I love the use of the Wildfire template on the Top Sellers tab! It looks super cool…”


Porefessional open:

As I don’t want to take up too much space, or include all my work at once, I’ll just put my PR gallery for now. As you can probably guess, the PR gallery is an application that allows users to scroll through our 5 top press pieces from magazines and online! I.e. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle etc.

Take a look; they’re all available on the Benefit Facebook Page!

I suppose I should also mention that I created the icons and the actual apps for each of the tabs I’ve shown you. So I’ve actually done some developing on Facebook, which to me is just fantastic. Again, there were hiccups (when aren’t there?), but I did it by myself and now Im confident with it. I particularly enjoy the tiny moustache as part of Movember! A great cause by the way…!

Finally, I’ll show you something I created for a T-Shirt Giveaway we’ll be doing when we reach 100,000 fans. We’ll give away 1000 limited edition t-shirts, and this was the graphics piece I pulled together for it using art work that had been previously used for another project:

This is just a snippet of of what I’ve done so far at Benefit. I’ll show more tomorrow, as I don’t want to bombard one post with a million pictures.

But I felt it was important I really start documenting my work and my progress. I can’t wait to look back in 10 months and see everything I’ve done and how I’ll have gotten even better as my time at Benefit goes on.

I’ll have a special Christmas Elf video to share with you tomorrow; one that since editing, has had an amazing response!

Sleep well everyone, I know I will x

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  1. Emily! Thanks so much for including us in your post. What a fantastic write up, I shared it with all of our Facebook fans this morning! You did a great job with the pages, congrats!

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