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Wildfire Apps in Use!

It was a great weekend, but what made it even better was getting in from work on Friday evening to find a comment on my Wildfire work blog post, from someone who actually works AT Wildfire!

“Emily! Thanks so much for including us in your post. What a fantastic write up, I shared it with all of our Facebook fans this morning! You did a great job with the pages, congrats!”

What an amazing compliment! I didn’t really think anyone would particularly read what I write on here; I thought it was just a great idea to make sure I document every thing I do as a portfolio for myself and also as an insight into Benefit for those who love the brand. But I was so happy and excited when I realised that what I’d written had been noticed!

If that wasn’t amazing enough, I then looked at the Wildfire Facebook page to see that it really had been shared… to over 95,000 people!! I won’t lie, I felt a tad giddy at that point! To go from about 20 views every few days to being advertised to almost 100,000, was just such a phenomenal feeling! It only made me realise even more how important it is I share every thing I do.

I can’t thank Wildfire enough for their kind words and support, it really means a lot! Having 38 people like it and over 300 views in one day really made me feel fantastic, and has given me the inspiration to really write more about what I do. It helps that I love my job and get to do a variety of tasks! I shared it on the Benefit Cosmetics UK page as well; my boss and other colleagues saw it too!

I might as well stick to this theme and include some of the other work I’ve done using Wildfire! Below is the fan gate and the main image of our latest Christmas competition. You can actually win ALL of our Christmas sets (worth over £250); so it’s a brilliant giveaway! I created both using product imagery and graphics and just a little festive cheer. I kept them relatively simple. With it being such a great competition, the message/strap-line is the focus! Of course, they’re girly, pink and fun; all the qualities of the Benefit brand.

Fan Gate:

Main Image:

As part of this competition, I also set up our first Wildfire campaign today. That includes some of the imagery, the form, and the run times. The way I see it is it’s more to add to here and to my CV; which because I want to develop my own business in the future, is only a good thing! I’ll learn anything and everything I can now (and so forth), to give myself far better chances of success in the future!
I really hope this giveaway and our limited-edition t-shirt offer will really boost our fans to 100,000, which is our target for the end of this year. With almost 89,326, we’ve done really well I think. That’s over 6,000 in 2 weeks! It would be such a fantastic achievement and a great way to see in the Festive season and new year!

We still have a number of weeks to go though, and seeing as it’s November, or should I say, Movember, we at Benefit decided to take part. Movember

is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.”

It’s an amazing cause, and this year our Bene-Men decided to take part. If you haven’t already seen the pictures or voted on our app, take a look. They’re all persevering despite complaints of itchiness or lack-of an actual moustache, and some of them are looking genuinely quite good and bushy! I think the most popular style this year is the ‘handlebar’. It always helps to have a touch of hilarity thrown into the mix!
This app shows, so far, the two photos from the first couple of weeks. Users can vote for their favourite and they can see the scores after. I have to be loyal to my fellow marketer, so I voted for Luke of course! Fans can comment as well; and even sponsor our guys. If you can at all, please do sponsor the boys! It really is a fantastic cause!

At the very least, take a few minutes to visit our page and show us your support, we’d really appreciate it!

As for what’s coming next with me… I won’t reveal too much, but there will definitely be more done with Wildfire, perhaps something festive…! I’ll also be attended the Birmingham Clothes Show in early December, and on the 21st I will be attending, with Benefit’s head Make Up Artist Lisa Potter-Dixon a ‘unique fashion industry event’ in the West End of London. I’ll reveal more soon (even though I did just realise that’s under a week away!)

Until next time! x

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  1. Loving the main entry image with all that great pink loot! And of course, loved your blog post, Emily! Sent an email out to our entire Wildfire team because it made my morning, and I think it will make theirs. Cheers!

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