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Party Central @ Benefit!

It’s been an amazingly hectic few weeks at Benefit; hence why its been ages since I wrote anything! & to top it all off, this week will see a hand-over from my boss Jasmine, as she’s off to Hawaii on Thursday…!

So, let’s see. It would obviously be best to start from the beginning. What have I done in the past 3/4 weeks? There’s been our big Bloggers Event here in Chelmsford at the Benefit Head Office, as well as a number of competitions & campaigns run through my good friend, Wildfire. We’ve now got the T-Shirt one up and running (with no hitches may I add!) and also a fantastic Hoola Competition. More about that later though…

Movember ended; I arranged the Norwich Blog Event (for the new opening of our first in-store boutique!) and I also went to the Birmingham Clothes Show for 3 days! It’s safe to say, I’ve worked bloody hard, but I’ve loved every minute of it.

I think for this post alone, I’ll show just one or two of the things I’ve done, as otherwise I’ll be here ALL night trying to fit it all in!

Okay so first was the Chelmsford Blogger Event on the 25th of November. Here’s the invite I designed and sent out to everyone!

The response I got straight away was amazing! We’d done a post on Facebook to promote the opportunity and so many girls put their names forward! It wasn’t easy to decide who to invite, but as the time drew nearer, we chose to stick to those in the Chelmsford and surrounding Essex area. I contacted about 15/16 girls; all of which agreed to come! I didn’t think much of this as I knew this kind of event would be really popular, but according to the office this number was a remarkable achievement!

Jasmine and I ordered a lovely big breakfast buffet from a local company called CD’s, arranged gift bags for every blogger and completed our presentations ready for the big day. Mine was on the social media, videos and competitions – Jasmine’s on the brand of Benefit.

I wasn’t actually that nervous about it. I’d kept regular contact with all the bloggers, answered their questions, and organised what I could before hand. I’m not actually nervous talking in front of a group of people! & when it’s on a subject I know a lot about and work with every day, it obviously comes a lot easier. I didn’t even prepare a speech!

So Friday came and I got into the office nice and early. I went down to floor 2 to meet Jasmine, and we did our final preparations! Breakfast arrived nicely on time, and was set out ready. The camera was ready to get snap-happy, and all seats had their booklets and gift boxes. We were ready!
9 o’clock came, and bloggers were already arriving! Within 20 minutes most had gotten here successfully, and we were ready to start breakfast.

During the sausage rolls, sandwiches and juice, I went round and introduced myself seeing as I was their main contact. It was a great feeling putting faces to the names, and I felt proud that I had been the one to get them here! I started taking plenty of pictures, and then Jasmine came along and began her presentation.

After Jasmine came my time. I went up and simply just started talking about everything that I’ve done, hope to do, and our plans for new products. I also covered statistics and of course, blogging! Now I accept that I might not be the most funny of people, but I do love to laugh and I attempted to make our guests giggle at least once! I apparently succeeded so I’m at least grateful for that! Jasmine told me later that she and Megan thought I did really great and did so well engaging and making the bloggers laugh. What a result!

Amanda the Head of Marketing came down after and also gave a little talk before we headed upstairs for the Benefit Office tour!

Our Director of First Impressions, a.k.a Nina headed up the tour. Let’s be honest, there’s no one better for the job! Her friendly and confident personality instantly engaged all the bloggers (she’s far funnier than I am!), and you could see they were loving it. Here are some photos from our trip around all of the departments:

When we’d finished showing the girls about; they briefly met Ian and Gail, our Director and General Manager, and of course, Harvey, before going downstairs for a surprise…

We decided to spring on the girls a mini competition; for the person or people who could create the best Bene-Christmas poem, they would win a selection of Benefit goodies! You could tell some were absolutely terrified, but actually they all did so well! I was really impressed; you can tell they write as a career/hobby!

Gail and Ian left us after the winners were chosen, and as a final gift, we gave all the girls who wanted, a free make-upper. I’ve got some photos, which will better describe it than me! I think we focused on certain products like Watt’s Up and Porefessional (which we had in the gift boxes!)

The event then came to a close, with a number of girls having to leave to go back to college or jobs. They all seemed to have a great time, and I even heard from a number of them after saying a HUGE thank you for such an amazing morning. It definitely made the whole event seem worthwhile! We even had some fab coverage from a few of the bloggers who attended. The comments they received alone shows how many girls would just LOVE to come to the Benefit Office. It makes me realise how truly lucky I am to work there and do what I enjoy. I just wish I had more time to write about what I do regularly!

Here is some screen shots of a blog done by Sophie Collis from ‘Sophie is Made Up’. Her blog post about her visit to our office is just fantastic, take a look at it here!

“WOW!! It looks amazing, I am very jealous”

“Im so jealous! that looks absolutely amazing xxx”

“Wow, it looks so amazing, decorated just like the packaging of Benefit products- kitsch and girly 🙂 I’m so jealous, lucky girl!”

“Man oh man, am I ever jealous! What an amazing opportunity! That’s literally my greatest fantasy! you’re so very lucky xx”

&, as this post has gone on long enough, here’s the last one I’ll show by Kayleigh Johnson from ‘Addict For Dramatics Beauty’. Her blog post is also brilliant, take a look at it here!

“That’s awesome! I love benefit too! :D”

“You’re so lucky! I hope you had a fab time, and thanks for the sneaky peek :D”

“Looks like a really fun event! Interesting to hear about a new Benefit foundation… will have to keep my eyes peeled! x”

I’d say overall it was a fantastic experience. I really enjoyed myself and I always love meeting new people who enjoy writing. It went really well for my first blogger event, and it’s given me confidence to arrange my next one in Norwich.

I’ll stop writing now as the sheer length of this post is enough to give you a headache! Watch this space for more on our latest competitions!

Emily x

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