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Okay, so it’s been a ridiculously long time since I last posted. What with Christmas and work, I’ve found barely any time to properly sit down and write about what I’ve been doing! I’ll try and carry on from where I left off (and perhaps make one of my New Years resolutions to post on here far more often)…
Following on from my last ridiculously long post, I thought I’d do a relatively ‘short’ one on our ‘latest’ competitions and campaigns.

But first, I should make a little (and very late) announcement. As of the 1st of December, I officially helped Benefit go over the 100,000 fans mark. That’s right my friends…


With the help of some networking and sharing of competitions on forums, I saw an increase of over 2,000 fans in a day! What an achievement! The office was SO happy! Of course, me being me (a workaholic and a geek), this just made my year. I told the bloggers at the event on the 25th of November that I will be happy at Christmas if we reach 100,000 fans. & by-jingo we did it!

As of today, the 10th of January, we are now at 121,917 fans. We’ve gone up, since the 2nd of December, almost 22,000 fans. The Birmingham Clothes show obviously played a HUGE role, but to get that many in about a month, is just phenomenal! I was very proud of the whole team! It was a bloody packed last 3 months of the year and that was by far one of the highlights. In those three months, I’ve seen an increase of over 60,000 fans. Just amazing. It can only get better from here!

I shouldn’t forget to mention that Benefit was the UK’s ‘top rising’ FB page across ALL sectors (in the 100,000 – 500,000 fans category) in December, after we reached our target. How AMAZING is that?! Our ‘People talking about this’ shot up to over 14,000 fans; which is more than the American Benefit page. it’s not a competition, but these statistics as just breathtaking.

Alright, I’ll move on!

To help us reach our target, I created a smaller image of our T-Shirt comp that fans and bloggers could share around. I posted it once, and it went viral! Within 10 minutes, over 100 people liked it, and soon enough it was shared almost 200 times! It was amazing!

Since we reached our wonderful 100,000 fans, we could finally publish our T-shirt competition! Here’s the newly updated main image:

To create the campaign, I used the wonderful Wildfire Interactive again. You can obviously create great pages to show through Facebook (like I have posted before), but in addition to that you can also create promotions. You can do Contests with photo, video and essay sharing; Trivia & Quizzes to engage with your fan-base, and ‘Pick A Favourite’ to learn more about your fans and generate buzz.

For this competition, I focused on a Sweepstakes. It allows for fans to enter (once they’ve liked our page of course), and they are signed up to our newsletter as well as entered into the campaign. There’s no actual work to be done, like answering a question or entering a photo, so it’s relatively simple to do. Setting up the campaign includes creating graphics and banners, providing links to privacy conditions and T&Cs, stating start and end dates, and compiling the competition form.

With this done, I published the promotion, so it was ‘live’. I then link this to the big image (above) so that when fans click on it, they’re taken to the sweepstakes; that would look something like this (only with an enter button!):

This competition has now come to an end, and this week we’re picking the 1000 lucky winners!

Another competition that we’ve had running for a little while now, is our Hoola/holiday give-away! Working with Cosmopolitan Magazine, we’ve been offering a chance to win an all expenses paid trip for two to ‘Hoola’s home’ – Barbados! This competition has been ridiculously popular, unsurprisingly. I mean, even I’ve entered! We’ve had over 40,000 people apply! Obviously having the competition printed in Cosmo has it’s ‘benefit’. Terrible pun, sorry.

Here are the Fan Gate & Main Image. You know the drill by now! I created the graphics with the artwork I was given and uploaded the images to Wildfire. I used Facebook Developer to create another new app that would host the images on our Facebook page. This then linked through to our blog for the competition entry form!

I hope I win. I know I can’t really, but hey, it’s nice to dream!

Now what else have I done…? Going back this far, it’s hard to remember. I really must document everything I do quicker… (mental note: 2012 will be a far more organised).

Ah yes, as this post is already so long, I will now simply show you some updated images of our PR Gallery. We have featured in the likes of Vogue, InStyle & The Guardian. For a full look, take a ganders at our Facebook page!

Alright, I’ll leave it there. Next post will feature some images and a Press Release of our new product that will be released finally at the end of January…. Ohhh exciting!

Design & Conquer!

Emily x

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