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A Benefit Catch Up!

I have so much to cover today! So much, in fact, that I’m going to have to back track all the way to the beginning of December last year! I will break it all up, though, so you aren’t bombarded with a post stupidly long and boring! So, what first?

Back in December, I had an Event in Norwich that I effectively arranged myself (go me!). We had our very first Boutique opening up in Debenhams, so I invited Bloggers along to a special get together to celebrate the world first for Benefit! I contacted the Bloggers, created the Press Release, and helped arrange food etc. It doesn’t sound a lot, but when you consider constant communication and checks to ensure everything will run smoothly, it’s actually quite a task keeping on top of it all! Gift boxes had to be arranged, as well as name badges. The event also had to be arranged with the Benefit Counter so that all of the attendees could get a free make-upper.

I unfortunately, at the last minute, couldn’t attend the event. I was genuinely devastated about it, as I’d put so much work into it yet couldn’t see all of it in it’s completion and glory! I had to stay behind in the office and look after other important tasks, mainly assisting with the new website platform (which coincidentally is now live, so pay Benefit Cosmetics UK a visit!). As a result, I don’t have any pictures from the event, but I have the PR. It was my second event I had arranged, and according to my boss Jasmine, it went really really well. I guess if I couldn’t be there, at least it was some comfort knowing it went well! I actually really enjoy Event Management; I think it’s a job well suited to a perfectionist and someone who really enjoys organisation and order (yes, that’s me!)

Take a look:

Moving on from that, straight after, I had the Birmingham Clothes Show.

I won’t lie, I was honestly terrified of going. Considering my neck condition, this was going to be a lot of travelling, a lot of movement, and a lot of stress for more than 2 days. I would be on my feet all day, taking video, photos, helping sales, managing Digital with the iPads and competition, selling products, helping clean and manage the presentation of products, not to mention, deal with questions regarding make up and our stock. But you know what? I did it.

I was shattered, I was aching, I had headaches and back pain, but I did it. I honestly couldn’t have been more proud of myself; even now. I honestly didn’t think I could do it, but I KNEW I just had to. I even did ALL of the above. I helped in sales and make up questions! Me! I know I work for a cosmetics company, but I am more technical and digital. Product knowledge isn’t my strongest area, but I gave it a damn good go! And you know, the more I think about it, the more I realise how much I enjoyed it. I got some free time to go around the stalls; I obviously went and brought some girly bits and bobs, but then paid a visit to the Xbox area which was just amazing (geek alert!), and as a treat for myself and my colleague Naf, we got to go to the actually show itself!

Words can’t describe how utterly brilliant it was! Whoever do the production, is a genius. The context was that of an actual Department store at night. Each new line and clothing style was treated like a new and individual floor. The dancing, the music, the acrobatics and the overall show was just BRILLIANT. I do have a video of it from my Blackberry, but I’ll have to upload it later and embed it in then. I’d never seen anything like it, but left feeling amazing and elated. I even got a picture with one of the models after (male, of course…).

Don’t get me wrong, I was mentally and physically drained by the whole experience. But being there with great colleagues, who I got to know better by simply being there, and working through it together, I actually really loved it. I’d love to get involved again or hopefully try a different event!

I’ve included a bunch of pictures for you; there’s loads! I did the photography and I think some of these shots work really well. I think all of them together really give a great overall impression of the event and how well it went.

Enjoy! xx

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