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So It’s 2012…

Okay, so I’ve been terrible about writing on here. I have this whole list of things I want to talk about, with an even bigger list of things I’ve done, and I just don’t seem to be finding the time to do it! So, even though it’s somewhat late (better late, than never, no?), I have come up with my New Years resolutions. I know the general consensus is that you make them and then try to follow them for the first week of January, but then give up and go back to your normal ‘flawed’ routine and/or become lazy and complacent. For me, though, most of my resolutions are actually not instantly doable. This wasn’t deliberate, I just want to put down ideas and goals that will last me all year round!

So, here are my NY resolutions:

1. Learn to drive – I applied for my provisional license back in September, and still haven’t received it. I’m aware that I had to declare my medical problems, but to take almost 4 months is ridiculous. I’ll admit I AM worried that I will struggle to learn because of my neck and shoulder, but I at least have to try!

2. Learn more (software & skills) – specifically Web, CSS and JavaScript. I meant to do it countless times last year, but again, I never designated time or tried hard enough to learn. This year I will because (and this leads on perfectly to my next point…), I want to;

3. Finally open up my Limited Company – I’m still not 100% on names, but I want to do it this year. With the aid of one of my closest friends, I will be getting hopefully a lot of freelance work this year, and be the end of it, I hope to be fully working for myself. I’ve been researching about owning a business this way, and I’m aware of how much work it is. But if it can really help me knuckle down and become more structured, then I’m all for it.

4. Move out – or at least, be in a position to look for places and think of putting down a deposit.

5. Travel more – I specifically want to go to Ireland, San Francisco and perhaps even Thailand. Again, as long as I start saving towards these trips, that’s good enough now. It’s the first step!

6. Open a Business and a Savings account – and actually USE it. Don’t get me wrong, I love being 22, earning my own money and then spending it on myself; but I need to save up for holidays and equipment. I definitely need to be more disciplined like that.

7. Get my new camera – An expensive, brilliant one, that will allow me to really expand in the photography field. Again, I need to save (or win the lottery. I’m still working on that.)

8. Start doing more projects – I’ve wanted to (re)make film trailers for years now, but I’ve never got round to doing it. As a perfectionist and a lover of video-editing, I know I could create some great stuff. Now I just need to find out the legal side of it…

9. Live a little – I’m what you’d describe as a ‘Goody-Two-Shoes’. I follow the rules, I don’t take risks, and I stick to simply what I know. This year, I’m not going to go wild, by any means, but I will live a little. Bend the rules without breaking them; as it were… I am 22 after all. (Note: I will never binge drink, do drugs or party like a wild animal; I’m just not that way!)

& finally:

10. Write on here MORE! I need to become more committed to this. I’ve been having little road-trips so that I can experience new places; and I haven’t documented any of it. Memories are more powerful than most things; but I should have uploaded pictures! I read about an idea the other week that said that this year; you should have a blog-project. I’ve been doing something thinking; and as I want to do loads more photography this year, I might try and take a picture a day; whether it’s funny, dull, boring, obscure, new…. Then uploading it. I’ll try to stick to it too!

Okay; I’ll think they’ll do for now… I’ve got so much more to write about at the moment, but as it’s almost 1:30am, I should probably try and sleep.

TO COME: My review on the amazing BBC Drama ‘Sherlock’ (it’s taken me this long to get over the fact that it’s not on for another year – I’m devastated!), more Benefit Work, my Day-to-Day Photo project, & some more info on my business!

Sleep well all,

Emily x

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