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I’m Back!

My God, how long has it been?! 4 maybe 5, weeks? The main reason for my disappearance is that my wonderful computer, Dave, died on me. I managed to somehow survive for over 3 weeks, but it meant I was limited with what I could do in terms of anything on here. (Not great when one of your New Years Resolutions was to make sure you write on your blog far more often…).

But the most important thing is that I have returned! & I’m here to stay! (hopefully; technology permitting…).

So what have I been up to?

I’m back at Benefit after a ‘fun’ four weeks off. My neck condition has been playing up royally and I was struggling to get about as well as sit at a computer all day. To be honest I had migraines most of the time and just slept! I’m not exactly better and I’m waiting on my MRI results, but hey – I’ve got to work; I NEED to work! It’s a waiting game for now, but my fingers are crossed for a positive outcome.

On a happier note; I’ve done well in expanding on my freelance work. Designing my first website has gone brilliantly; I’ve received nothing but amazing comments from the client! I’m also planning their Social Media Marketing Plan, which I will be paid to maintain each month. For a first project, I’m really quite proud of myself. Now, I know I can’t really talk about it without showing pictures… but as a perfectionist, I can’t show the unfinished designs. There’s only a week left to wait though!
It’s gone so well that they’ve actually commissioned me to design some collateral for an upcoming Networking Event of theirs. I was terrified that I wouldn’t impress or be good enough for freelance, especially because there are so many millions doing this kind of work, but apparently I’m doing much better than expected. I can’t wait to get more work and build an even bigger portfolio!

I’ve also been doing some work for my friend’s company, CPA Technology. I’ve been looking at Pen Designs and possible USB productions, as well as Social Media strategies. I can’t show what I’ve produced yet either, but as soon as I get the chance, I’ll be posting it straight away!

Aside from work; I haven’t actually done that much, sadly. I haven’t had much opportunity for photography or doing graphics. But being at work, I’ve gotten quite a few new things to show you. In fact, I’m really backlogged with showing my Benefit work! I still have pieces from back in December! I’ll definitely get on that tomorrow, at a more decent hour.

This has been a fairly short and random post, but I thought I’d just let everyone know I’m back! Starting from tomorrow I’ll be uploading more Benefit Cosmetics work I’ve created and I have some reviews to do as well. But for now, that’ll have to wait. I’m going to have to go to bed as I unfortunately have the body of a frail old woman and I need my sleep!

But in keeping with the weird and random theme of this piece; here’s a picture of a certain gorgeous, young and fluffy man waiting for me in bed…

How lucky am I!?

Sleep well all; watch this space for an update on all my Benefit and Freelance work!

Emily x

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