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Spring Time Apps, Competition & Awards!

Again, it’s been about a month since I last wrote! As usual work is incredibly busy, so I struggle to find the time to write more often! (I’m aware one of my Resolutions this year was to write more on my blog, but I HAVE made an effort to branch into style and beauty, so it’s not all bad really…!)

First off is an update to my Top Sellers application on Facebook. I did a post about creating this ages ago, but I’ve given it a new lease of life this month to go with our more current products; Hervana and Cabana Glama. Not to mention our two most popular products, They’re Real & Porefessional. Here are some pics to take a look at. You can see how it’s changed!

The Debenhams Beauty Award Winners were also announced a few days ago and amazingly we won 6 different categories, including ‘Best Mascara’, ‘Best Blusher’ & ‘Best Primer’! The visual is something I designed for both our Benefit blog and for Facebook/Twitter. For a small piece of work, I’m really pleased with it. I love how it turned out; it’s both clear, concise and professional looking, whilst maintaining the Benefit personality. I’ve definitely improved in my abilities during this internship; I’ve even learnt to be more concise and to the point! (No really, I have…)

I’ve also set up a competition through our good friends Wildfire Interactive, in honour of ‘Brow Love Week’. It’s a Photo Contest, which we’ve not done before, so I hope it goes well I’ve done the usual; creating both a Fan Gate and a Main Image visual with all of the details. I particularly like these designs. I had some of the artwork available, but the layout and concepts etc are all me. The competition is due to go live in 2 days time and will run for a month. The engagement rate when we do a competition on Facebook is always brilliant when we do a contest, so I’ll be intrigued to see how a photo-related style compares to one of just entering your name and contact details.

That’s all, folks! I tried not to ramble (and I hopefully succeeded!). I’m off to bed now, so speak to you soon with another Benefit update!

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