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Thomas Kinkade – Painter of Light

I’ve never really done a review before, but I felt I had to talk about what I can only describe as one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever come across.

I’ve never been into ‘modern art’, but Thomas Kinkade, the Painter of Light, was something different. I only found out 2 days ago that he tragically died on April 6th this year. I’m genuinely saddened by this, because he was a phenomenal artist.

It’s rare that I find a book, piece of music, or example of art that really talks to me. But Thomas Kinkade’s paintings are something truly special. The exquisite detail, use of colours and his ability to create such a moving ambience is just beyond my comprehension. As an art and design student, I’ve used and seen a variety of tinctures, but I am still amazed at the plethora of shades and tones he could create.

To me, his paintings are luminous. Each painting seems to have a narrative, a story. When I look at his work, I feel myself emerged into the world in which he so charmingly created.

The quaint cottages, the villages, the Christmas scenes and the landscapes are so beautiful. Thomas Kinkade was a religious man, and I believe that shows through his work. Nature and Light meet in perfect balance.

I find each piece so inviting. They’re so wonderfully real and others so wonderfully imaginative, that I become immersed into a universe of tranquillity, faith and hope – just by looking at them.

In today’s society we’re hindered with debt, war, hatred and crime. When I look at Thomas Kinkade’s work; I’m reminded of the beauty and the hope that does still exist in this world. To me, his paintings are not only elegant and meticulous, but they’re also a form of escapism and joy.

His magnificent collection of Disney paintings are so enticing; it’s like taking a step back into my childhood and experiencing a time I was truly happy and innocent. Art for Thomas Kinkade was more than just a paintbrush and a canvas, but an opportunity to paint all the radiance he saw through God, nature and hope.

I could write for hours about how brilliant he was to me, but I don’t think I’d ever do him justice. I can’t afford his artwork right now, but I have his calendars and many of his pictures as backgrounds, so that I can take flight into his magical realms any time I like. When I start to earn more, I will visit San Francisco, not only because I’ve always wanted to, but to now visit the place where a truly extraordinary artist lived.

“I hope as you look at Bambi cresting the ridge of his domain, you too will feel empowered to live your best life and to count on a season of new beginnings, even when the challenges of life confront you.”

— Thomas Kinkade

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