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Wish List 7th May 2012

Okay, so I’ve never really let my girly side come out, but she’s been dying to say ‘hello!’ and show her beaming face! I’ve put together my wish list from the past few weeks to show off the products I’m lusting after. Plus, it’s my Birthday next Sunday so I’m also hoping I might be blessed with a few of these as gifts!

I’m in love with all of these things, but what I want most is the Nikon DSLR. My Pentax is so out of date now, and I LOVE photography almost more than life. However, at over £3000 for just the body, I definitely can’t afford it! I’d be tempted to sell my pancreas if it was a legal form of currency!

I think I’ll treat myself to the Jasper Conran cream leather bag for my birthday, even if it is £99. I mean come on, it isn’t every day a young lady turns 23, right?

I’m a little obsessed with buying clothes, so chances are within the next two weeks, I’ll actually have brought both the playsuit, jacket and both pairs of shoes… I really should be saving more, but hey, at my age I should enjoy not being tied down!

I’ve seen reviews for the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers online, and they look amazing. I’ve got dead straight, fairly thick hair and I’ve never had much luck curling it. The curls normally fall out after 30 mins, even with a whole cans-worth of hair spray! I’m going to cheekily ask my dad to buy these for me for my day of birth, then maybe I can really let my girly side have a moment by doing a review! Maybe at the same time I can review the Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter. I’m desperate to find a lip product that will actually stay on my lips and not dry out. I’ve heard and read rave reviews on this product, so that’ll be my next cosmetic purchase!

I’m trying a lot harder to shorten all of my posts, so as not to bore people, so I’ll stop writing now. I’ll put names and links below for all of the products. I’m off to the West End on Thurs to see Les Miserables with my dad and twin brother, so I’m thinking the Coral Glitter Wedges might have to make an early appearance… what do you think? I struggle to walk in extremely high shoes, as I’m more of a comfort-over-style gal, but these are just too fabulous to not wear! I’ll just limit my walking distances…

It’s Sex & The City watching-whilst-in-bed time! Thankfully I’m only working tomorrow and Weds, then I have off work till Tuesday next week! A nice relaxing Birthday is just what a girl needs after a very long few weeks!

Sleep well all!

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