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My Birthday

The past few days have been amazing; I’ve been a very lucky lady! It was my Birthday on Sunday and I’ve celebrated turning 23 in many brilliant ways!

On Thursday last week, I went to see Les Miserables with my dad, his new partner and my twin brother. It was FANTASTIC! The most mesmerising spectacle of art I’ve ever seen! The music is simply perfect and it makes the whole show that extra bit special. I can’t begin to describe how in love with the musical I am – I left the Queen’s Theatre at gone 10pm, inspired and elated. I’ve wanted to see the show for years, but had never found anyone to go with. My desire to see the musical stemmed from seeing a 10 minute performance on the Royal Variety performance back in 2010. It marked the 25th year the show had been on stage. It had four of the actors who played the lead of Jean Valjean, and their voices were stunning. I knew then I already loved it! For those who haven’t seen the show, here, this is what started my love affair!

After home made pizza (chilli beef (who knew??) and BBQ chicken = YUM), coffee and walks around Picadilly Circus, all I can say was this was a wonderful start to my Birthday celebrations.

On Friday morning & afternoon, I had the rare experience of ‘Emily Time’. I danced about, I painted my nails, I started (another) new book, listened to the Le Mis soundtrack for the 20th time and flicked through Cosmo when I’d finished the above! I love my space and alone time, so this was a real treat after the busyness of the last few weeks. In the evening I met the lovely Benefit Marketing (plus a few others) team in O’Conners. We had laughs (and yes, a number of beverages), then went out partying later. I’m not really a ‘clubber’ or a ‘party gal’, but I had a surprisingly good time! I even stayed out till 1:30am! Crazy for a 23 year old, I know!

On Saturday I spent the ENTIRE day shopping with my best mate Becky. We went to Lakeside in Thurrock. I shall never speak of the money I spent, but I’m in LOVE with all my purchases! I’ve been after some nice tops for ages, and found plenty in the form of Jane Norman, New Look, Oasis, Red Herring & Primark. I also got a blue knitted shrug, a jumper and 2 Bandeau tops. I also brought Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers. They’re amazing! Not only do they actually CURL and create VOLUME; they’re of such a great quality that I know they were worth the money! (They were actually a present from my dad – so well done Papa Thomson!). I also bought the bag from my previous post… Hey, if you can’t treat yourself to something bag-shaped and leather-y on your Birthday, when can you?!

On Sunday it was my actual Birthday. My older brother was over (not bearing a gift might I add – disgraceful!) and I had a lovely quiet day. I got some more clothes from my mum (always a bonus), 2 computer games (Silent Hill being one ahhh scary!) and 3 books (First 2 Game of Thrones books & The Lucky One) to satisfy my inner geek, lots of chocolate, & Sherlock season 2 on DVD (HEART). I’m just waiting on my 'Emily' necklace in the 'Carrie SATC' style from my mum and The Vampire Diaries from my brother 🙂 My friend Becky also got me a mug-hot water bottle set with cats on it. She knows me SO well! I've been a very spoiled!

Yesterday I relaxed completely. Recuperating before going back to work today. Not to mention I have a sore throat and chest! I’m not used to all this activity! Today at work the lovely marketing girls (and token boy) surprised me with not only a Miss Selfridge black biker jacket that I’ve been pining over for FOREVER, but some pink roses and TWO, yes TWO Victoria Sponge cakes! I was really touched!

I would like to thank EVERYONE who gave me such a brilliant Birthday! I feel truly blessed and happy. NOT to mention it was actually SUNNY! Now I have to go back to reality and work! (boo!).

Hope you’ve all had a good day!

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