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Wish List 17th May 2012

1. I adore these Stitch Tan T-Bar Clog heels from Miss Selfridge. I’ve been looking for a pair of heels for a while now that will go with a range of outfits whilst being comfortable if I should be on my feet all day. These shoes have many great reviews and are completely gorgeous. They’ll take a casual outfit and give it a hint of sexy and class (always a plus).

2. I saw these sunglasses from Oasis last weekend when I was at Lakeside. My friend said how good they looked on me, but I decided not to buy them as I generally prefer the aviator style. However, I love the 70’s design too, especially with the filigree cut out detail, so I think I might have to take another look at them! (Plus, you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, let’s be honest).

3. I saw this beautiful Cream Lace Blazer from Dorothy Perkins online today, and instantly fell in love with it. I adore neutral colours and this would work great to smarten a work outfit. I have my cousin’s wedding next month and this would be perfect over a Summer dress! (Yes, that’s right, I haven’t picked my dress yet…).

4. Yes. Another bag. What can I say, I have an addiction! My mum has turned me into a complete snob when it comes to bags and now I only really look for leather styles! This Plaited Leather Shopper from Zara is simple, but gorgeous. I particularly love the handles. I definitely prefer (and own millions of) large bags. This is £80, but you get quality with Zara. You’re investing in a bag that works with both casual and smarter looks. I definitely wouldn’t mind going to a business meeting or interview with this on my shoulder.

5. I’ve had my iPad 2 a while now, and I feel it needs to be jazzed up a bit. This glamorous Putney Tablet sleeve from Fiorelli London makes a statement without being overbearing. It’ll fit into any handbag and will look sensational whilst protecting your very expensive piece of technology – & for £20, it’s a technology-loving girl’s dream!

6. I saw these Cupro Pleat Front Turquoise Shorts from Topshop on another blog I follow and I instantly fell in love. I adore the colour and style. I never used to be a fan of high-waisted shorts or trousers, but actually the style has grown on my considerably. I suffer digestion problems and have been told that high waisted skirts/shorts etc are actually better to wear in such circumstances. I’m not sure if this is true, but I guess I’ll have to test the theory out!

7. It occurred to me today that as I was checking my currently awful complexion in the reflection of my iPhone, that I need a mirror. This delicate Into The Woods compact from Monsoon is just so pretty. It has an enamel bird on the lid and is 70mm in diameter, making it perfect size for any woman’s handbag. I love antique and ornate styles, so this mirror is right up my street.

8. I have heard only amazing things about Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup. I have problems with my skin being dry-combination and therefore struggle to find makeup that doesnt flake or get shiny within hours of application. From the reviews I have read, this sounds like a great next choice. I have tried a huge amount of foundations, I love them, but I am hoping to find one that doesn’t bring my skin out in a rash or spots. At £26.50 it’s pretty expensive, but if it does what it say on the tin and ‘stays in place’, then it could be a very worthwhile investment!

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