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Clarins Fix’ Make Up

Okay, so when it comes to make up, I’ve always had 2 problems. Either the shades available don’t compliment my skin or after an hour or 2 it starts to wear off, cake and my skin looks unclean and dull. I also have the problem with half my make-up coming off onto my iPhone when I make a call. This doesn’t seem to change despite the different foundations, powders etc. that I’ve used. Like most girls, I find myself doing my make-up in the morning, feeling great with how it looks when I’m done, but by the time I’ve reached work and checked my complexion in the mirror, it seems the journey alone has caused my make-up to start moving. I have Dry Combination skin; I particularly suffer oiliness around my T-Zone and chin with slight dryness on my cheeks. These are the areas that are affected the most and I’ve been dying to find a product or foundation that will stand both the environment and my phone!

I think I’ve found it with ‘Clarins’ Fix’ Make Up’. I’ve only used it twice, but I’ve been really impressed by the results. Once you’ve finished putting your make-up on of a morning, simply spray it all over your face from about 30cm away and let it sink in. It’s beautifully refreshing and hydrating – perfect for an extra pick-me-up early in the morning (getting up at 6 is a killer!). The first time I used it was last Friday. I waited until mid morning to check how well my make-up was lasting and I was pleasantly surprised! Not only was there considerably less caking (still a tiny bit around the nose), but the spray had left me with a dewy glow too. What I noticed most was that I just looked healthy and awake. I suffer awful bags under my eyes (if anyone can recommend a concealer or treatment, I’d really appreciate it!), yet this somehow helped me look and feel better in myself.

I used it again today from mid afternoon till late at night and again I was really happy with the results. My blusher tends to disappear incredibly quick and yet, despite my being in the pouring rain – it hadn’t moved! My skin didn’t feel tight or uncomfortable, just soft and hydrated. The phone situation has improved, but not gone away. I’m not sure if this is a problem that will ever be solved, but this product is a definite step in the right direction!

Clarins’ Fix’ Make Up retails at £21. A tad expensive in my eyes, but if it means you save time from reapplying throughout the day as well as using extra product, then really it’s a bargain that’ll benefit you in so many ways! It’s already becoming a staple for my make-up bag. Have you tried it? What’re your thoughts?

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