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This Week (Or 2…) In Pictures June 24th 2012

Oh my goodness, where did I disappear to!? I’ve been so busy it’s just silly!

The past two weeks have been insane – the whole of Benefit HQ has been working incredibly hard to organise and manage the amazing Mascarathon (which if you haven’t heard of by now, where have you been hiding?!). I’ve been helping out in my usual Digital way – photography, videos, social media… I even took a trip to Newport, Gwent and Gloucester! I’ll talk more about that over the weekend, though, so stay tuned! (However, PLEASE do donate to Refuge, the charity we’re supporting – so far we have raised a phenomenal £61k and tomorrow is the final day. We’ll continue to support them and the women and children affected by domestic violence, so you can continue to donate – every penny we help raise for them counts – THANK YOU. Donate HERE.

What else have I been up to? OH. Quite importantly, I’m now blonde. I know, crazy, right? It wasn’t deliberate! I accidentally dyed my hair BLACK. I was so devastated I didn’t eat for days! I had my hair stripped and recoloured and well, here I am! I do like it (see pics below), but when my hair and scalp fully recover, I will either go back to brunette or just add some brown lowlights in.

What else… Oh, the Benefit Digi dept in the UK office won an award for ‘Digital Powerhouse’ (given by the Head Office in the USA) – how AMAZING is that! I’m so chuffed; I know a lot of my work contributed and it’s a great feeling knowing that not only mine but the team’s efforts have been recognised! (well done Jasmine!).

I’ve also bought a plethora of products (we love a bit of alliteration late at night)! From skincare to beauty to accessories and hairbrushes. I’ve definitely been a bit spend-happy… I had so many reviews I wanted to write that I’ve decided to invest in a camcorder so that I can simply film myself talking about all I buy! I’ll be brief about my favourite products; I absolutely ADORE my Real Techniques brushes. They’re simply awesome. I am also in love with my new YSL Touché Éclat, my new Estee Lauder foundation/powder and my huge investment in Clarins’ skincare range. Oh, and my new travel cosmetic/toiletry bag and suitcase are both beautiful (plus they were complete bargains from Debenhams: £16 down to £4.80 & £135 down to £35 – thank you sales!)

Finally, I went to my cousins wedding last weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony and the couple looked gorgeous (I was both shocked and delighted when the main score from Star Wars erupted through the churches sound system as the newly-weds walked down the aisle). Yes, I took plenty of piccys and I will get them uploaded asap! I’ve shown the Glamouriety invite I received from work, but unfortunately due to illness I wasn’t able to go. I’m genuinely gutted I couldn’t go. I do love getting glammed up and having a fun night out! Never mind, maybe next time!

I’m up at 5:30am tomorrow for the final, very long but very exciting day of the Mascarathon! If you’re about please do come and say hello! As for the weekend, I plan to simply RELAX. Take some time to myself and catch up on some much needed Zzzs.

Oh, I also included a few images of my cat, because quite frankly she’s adorable and who doesn’t love a good cat photo?

Sleep well all, see you on the weekend!

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