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Olympic Torch Relay – Chelmsford 2012

When it comes to getting up before 9am on a weekend, I’d normally think “jog on” and sleep until a more civilised hour. But today, was different. Today I was up at 5:15am, which although brutal, I didn’t mind at all. At 6:55am the Olympic Torch made it’s way through Chelmsford, from the University to Oaklands Park & Museum. I met my friends at 6:40am on the High Street and we all waited in anticipation for the runner. In the 10 minutes before she arrived, we all had a giggle at the Town Criers who were shouting about ‘Breakfast’ (or more specifically eggs) and I managed to high-5 3 policemen and a cyclist as they drove by!

When the runner approached, everyone was cheering for her and she looked so happy and proud. We were incredibly lucky in that we’d ended up in a position that meant we also got to see the flame changeover too! Although it was an experience that went by in a blink, there was no denying the electric and supportive atmosphere that was there this morning. From kids to OAPs there were hundreds, if not thousands that turned up to witness this special moment for Chelmsford and her people.
Here’s a quick video of the runner approaching & the change over. You’ll have to excuse the quality, my DSLR is broken so I’m left with just my iPhone for now (which performed surprisingly well, actually!)

When the procession had passed, my friends and I went for breakfast. It was lovely watching the day begin at 7:30am, feeling invigorated and moved. Once our appetites and need for tea were quenched, I did some shopping and brought (another) new bag. It’s from Floozie, and fits in perfectly with today’s ‘British’ theme. I’ve included some pics below as a sort of mini roundup! Oh, I also brought a matching purse and a cat jumper that has ears on the hood! I know what you’re thinking; I’m so cool it’s unreal. Ussain Bolt made an appearance too, in cardboard form at least…)

Today I got to witness a piece of history. I feel even more patriotic than I normally do and I’m very proud to British. Don’t get me wrong, this country has it’s serious issues (the Justice system being just one), but today helped reinforce for me the greatness that Britain IS capable of. From the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to Children In Need, the British public never fails to come together to show their support and love for not just their country, but celebrating history & helping others.

I’ve no doubt the Great British Pride and festivities will continue tomorrow when Murray plays Federer in the Wimbledon final. Even if Murray doesn’t win, he’s the first British player to get to the final round in 74 years and that is a monumental achievement. I wish I was going to be there, but I will be watching intently from my sofa (or bed!) rooting for him all the way.

The Olympics are just under 20 days away (19 days & 23hrs, if you want to be exact!). I’m really looking forward to seeing our amazing athletes take part and I hope we can get even more medals than we did 4 years ago. I also hope that the thousands of tourists who visit, love London as much as I do!

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