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Beauty Haul – July 18th 2012

Home at last! Up at 6am, home around 9pm. Today was spent in the Soho Hotel in London with the whole of the wonderful Benefit Marketing Team for our annual brainstorming session. It was my first one and it was so much fun! Games, ideas and laughter; I loved spending time with the team and getting to know them better! I’m pretty reserved at work, so this was a really nice time-out to get to know my colleagues more! At the end of the day, our lovely Marketing Manager Amanda, gave out an award to every member of the team. I got ‘the “The Fantastical Numbers” Award for the Most Ultimate Facebook Flogger’, seeing as I got our Fan Page to over 300,000 (with an increase of over 5000 in 2 days, may I add!) I was so chuffed! It’s great when you see your hard work paying off!

As an extra gift, we all received these beautiful Limited-Edition They’re Real Mascaras with Swarovski Crystals! Beautiful!

On the way home from Tottenham Court Road I thought I’d stop in at Westfields for some Beauty Retail Therapy! Watching my favourite bloggers with the favourite products/product recommendations is becoming seriously damaging to my bank balance! I came away with:

Quite the collection! I’ve wanted to try Origins for AGES (thanks to Vivianna Does Makeup!), so I will be using the mask tonight & the VitaZing Moisturiser tomorrow morning to start the ball rolling. Zoella gave a rave review to Liz Earle, and, having used it already this evening, I’m impressed! Cleansers/wipes etc tend to leave my skin dry, tight, even a bit flakey. This however just left my face fresh, make-up free and soft! I’ll continue to use it and do a full review in a few weeks! The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser is another purchase inspired by Anna. I’m loving a lighter look at the moment, especially as I’m travelling about a lot and my skin gets dehydrated and icky a lot! Plus my skin has improved since wearing less, and condisering this product has received amazing reviews, I thought I’d give it a bash. The MAC Fix Makeup Spray was rather spontaneous, but I have heard great things. I’ve run out of my Clarins facial spray, so I will see how this compares to that!

I always love product recommendations, so if there’s anything else you think I should try, let me know, I’m all ears!

Sleep tight all! x

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