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A Cheeky Little Shopping Spree…

Cripes it’s hot! I shouldn’t complain, really, since it’s the first slither of Summer we’ve seen this year, but seriously. Yikes!

Today I was off work to pay a visit to Blackheath hospital at 9am. 5:30am alarm = brutal. When I got home at 3pm, I lay down, had some Vienetta, and then promptly fell asleep (at least until the window cleaner banged on the door)!

Before I came home I stopped off at Westfield in Stratford. I thought I’d pay another visit now before it all starts going mad for the Olympics! Thankfully I got their early and it was relatively quiet, which meant I could peruse the many wonderful beauty, skin care & perfume brands in John Lewis at my leisure. I really really want a John Lewis in Chelmsford. I love it! (hint hint JL!).

I spent God know’s how long in there; but came out with just a few (but expensive!) products.

1. I’ve known about Bio Oil for a while now, and always wanted to give it a try. I decided that today was the day! I find that spots, even when left alone, scar on my skin. They do eventually fade after a number of weeks, but others tend to stay around much longer than they’re wanted! I am lucky that I have minimal redness, but I do have some patches of uneven skintone and bumps under my skin and I’ve heard that Bio-Oil is great for helping that too. It says to apply it twice a day for a minimum of 3 months. I’ll report back then, but here’s hoping!

2. Who hasn’t heard of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir?? I didn’t realise John Lewis actually sold it, so when I found it today I was really pleased! At £32 however, I’m expecting (well, hoping for) great things! I’ve already tried it a few times today and I love how it feels on my skin. The smell is interesting; very herbal & ‘earthy’. I think I like it, but it’s not a problem if I don’t as the smell doesn’t linger! I’ll continue to use this and review it later – seeing as it’s going to be 32 degrees tomorrow I think I may be using it a lot!

3. I took away a sample of the new YSL Touché Éclat Foundation today as I must admit I’m intrigued by it. I’ve heard many good things about it through the bloggers I follow. I love the one-and-only highlighter, so I am praying that this foundation is just as good. I’ve read that it is light coverage, which is exactly what I’m after, especially during the Summer months. I’ll give it a go tomorrow morning and see how it fares in the blistering heat and dry un-air conditioned office!

4. I’ve almost run out of my Clarin’s Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster Toner, so I decided I needed a new one. Only this time I’ve gone to Liz Earle. I’ve been using the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for about a week now and it’s definitely love. My skin isn’t in great condition at the moment, but that’s because I changed most of my skin care products. I prefer the idea of a ‘spritz’ to that of a liquid toner as I feel its a far more gentle way to aid your skin rather than wiping a cotton pad that develops bits of makeup and dirt on all over your face! I’ve already sprayed the Liz Earle toner on and it feels lovely. Again, it’s too early to tell if it’ll work or suit my skin, but I’ll keep you updated.

5. Ahh back to Origins. I’ve heard both Zoella and Vivianna Does Makeup mention the Origins Super Spot Remover, and both loved it. Since my skin has flared up (again), I’ve been looking to find a treatment that’s fast-acting without being drying. I did clean my face this afternoon and put this on at the end. I dotted it all over my spots and I have to say, those areas became incredibly dry and tight. I know that most spot treatments do this to rid the area of oil, but this seemed extreme. I also realise it said to use at night, so maybe that’s my mistake. I do tend to have a habit of putting too much on as well. So just before I go to bed I will put a tiny dab on each spot and see what it’s like in the morning! I pray my skin isn’t peeling or flakey!

That’s it for now, but I’m really excited to get trying these products. After watching a few videos today by some of my favourite bloggers I’ve decided to cool-it on the buying of products. Not only will it help my bank balance (greatly), but I think it’ll be really beneficial for my skin to get used to these products and settle down. That way I can get a clear picture of what my skin si doing!

Sleep well all, I hope the heat isn’t as humid where you are!

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