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This Week In Pictures #4

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So we’ve reached Sunday again! Not that I’m complaining; I’ve had a pretty great week off of work (hence my absence)! I say ‘week’ in the title of this post, but to be honest, some of these pictures go back to mid July!

This week I’ve relaxed, pampered myself & built up my portfolio; but the highlight has most definitely been seeing the Judo on Thursday at the ExCeL in London! Getting to support Britain’s own Gemma Gibbons who went on to win Silver that day was an experience I can’t even put into words. I’ll do a separate post on it, but what I will say now is that I am SO proud to be British. We, in comparison to so many other countries, are a tiny little Island. But that hasn’t stopped us producing phenomenal athletes that are truly inspirational and talented. As it stands, we’re THIRD in the Medal Table with 16 Gold Medals, 10 Silver and 10 Bronze. Yesterday, Super Saturday, was one of the most moving and breathtaking nights ever seen in British sporting history. I’ll never forget it, or how, no matter what the sport, position, win or loss, the British public gets behind their athletes every time and supports them to the bitter end. I’m very proud & patriotic!

One thing I haven’t actually done this week, is buy any beauty/skincare products. I know, it’s MADNESS. I have purchased many Kerastase haircare bits though, as having my hair coloured/toned and highlighted on Monday & Wednesday @ Toni & Guy had left it a bit dry and damaged. I’ll do a post on those soon too. I also paid a visit to Oasis and could have easily brought everything in store (I resisted, however). I took a trip to Leicester Square for a Video Marketing Conference the week before last and have quite frankly abused the delicious treat that is ice cream since the weather got much warmer again! Or more importantly, I’ve had more than is normal of Vienetta!

I’ve spent time with my mum, visited Westfield (yes, again), and lounged about with my kitty cats. I think it’s also important that I say I took a risk yesterday. I won’t give any details, as it’s too long a story, but you should know I’m a fairly ‘safe’ person. I rarely take risks or do something wild, but yesterday I did something brave and scary. Well, it was to me anyway! It didn’t pan out how I would have liked, but I honestly didn’t think it would to begin with! The main thing is I did something out of my comfort zone and I genuinely feel braver and better for doing it. Who knows, maybe I’ll be more of a risk taker in the future!

I’m off to Edinburgh Fringe early on Tuesday morning until Thursday. So no doubt you’ll see me Tweeting and taking many photographs as both myself and as Benefit Cosmetics. It’ll be my first flight taken on my own, so I’m a bit nervous! I know it’s only Edinburgh and is an experience I need, though, so excitement is weighing out the apprehension!

Anyway, enough waffling, I hope you’ve all had amazing weeks/weekends, I’m going back to watching the Olympics with a nice cup of tea! I’ll try and fit in another post tonight as well.

Muchos love,

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