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I’m Loving… Kérastase

It’s been SUCH a long time since I wrote on here. I have full respect for bloggers who can juggle full-time jobs, relationships, social lives, kids and STILL find time to write on their blog! I’ll be posting a lot more soon, though… more info to follow soon! (Oooh, how secretive of me).

My post today is on the four Kérastase products that I’ve been using the past 3 weeks. My hair has been to hell and back since the beginning of June, and these products have helped bring it (and me) back to sanity.

I made the mistake of trying to dye my hair back to a medium/dark brown. Only, it went black. Not brown/black, but JET black. As a girl who flies her pale flag with pride, I looked just awful! You can imagine what a state it was! I looked like I was barely alive, which is not a style I usually go for. I found a hairdresser who, THANK GOD, managed to bleach my hair and get rid of it. The colour left my hair quite easily which is apparently down to the good condition I’ve kept it in. I don’t straighten my hair or use too much heat on it, and I use a mask regularly to soften and repair (tips for those of you who’s hair doesn’t behave properly!)

The result of the bleach (6 hours work, phew), was my hair. Blonde…ish. It was nice, but I’d never be that colour again. About 3 weeks back I decided to get my hair dyed PROFESSIONALLY, by Toni & Guy here in Chelmsford. It was all going great… until my hair turned out to be almost black! I know, AGAIN. I went into panic mode and complained my ass off to the manager. He was wonderful and sorted the whole thing. I had toner put into my hair, to help lighten it, and then I had highlights – free of charge. I also found out that the method T&G use to dye hair, is that they use a base colour – the colour closest to what you want, and then they put on a shade darker as the ‘gloss’. The colour you want your hair to be then develops over about 2 weeks and the darker colour, through washing, fades to the lighter. Who knew? It’s a random and long-winded process, but it DOES work. I sit here now, with mid-brown hair, very close to my natural colour… & you know what? My hair is STILL in it’s great condition!

God must have been smiling down upon me (for once!). Don’t get me wrong, my hair did go a bit dry and I did have a few split ends which I later had trimmed. The above four products were amazing.

Bain Chroma Riche ‘luminous softening hair bath for highlighted or sensitised coloured hair’ – I LOVE this shampoo. It smells fresh and floral and lathers easily in your hair. I use it every other day as part of my regular routine and it leaves my hair shiny and the colour radiant. I’ve had my current colour a few weeks but if anything, it’s even more vibrant and ‘glowing’ now than it was then! After 3+ weeks of using it I still have LOADS left! So despite being £15.90 it’s a definite investment!

Elixir Ultime ‘…versatile beautifying treatment, enriched with a complex of four precious oils. Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi oils combine to create a luxurious Elixir for all hair types…’ – who HASN’T heard of this miracle product? I’ve used this in all the ways suggested; before a shower as a pre-wash treatment, with wet hair, for styling and throughout the day. I’m lucky to have straight and very good condition hair already, but it is frequently weighed down/flat and the ends can break and split. This smooths out every strand, leaving my ends super soft, shiny and weightless! Rubbing one pump’s worth into my scalp is not only incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, but leaves all my hair feeling incredible. It’s a MUST-HAVE in my hair-care routine. It’s available from Look Fantastic for £29.30 (or less, depending on the volume).

Ciment Anti-Usurea reconstructing shampoo for brittle and damaged hair. Hair feels reinforced, stronger, with a shiny look…’ – There’s not much to say about this product, except that I really like it. It’s defined as a shampoo, but the colour specialist at T&Gs actually recommended using it as a mask or conditioner by leaving it on the mid-lengths to ends for about a minute. I’ve definitely noticed the strength and vitality return to my hair through using this regularly! Look Fantastic’s price is £16.05.

Masque Nutri-Thermique ‘Thermo-reactive Masque to provide intense nourishment for dry and sensitised hair…’ – This is my FAVOURITE. I’ve been using this a few times a week and every time I do my hair is so unbelievably soft. The smell is just amazing and when I wash it out (after 5+ minutes), my hair feels like silk. I have no knots or tangles and it feels really nourished. If your hair is dry from too much heat, straightening, colouring etc, then definitely invest in this. You won’t be sorry!

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