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SBA Systems – Web/Graphic Design & Social Media

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SBA Systems was one of my first projects undertaken through freelance; and therefore one of my projects I’m more proud of. SBA Systems is a Telecommunications company based in and around Essex. They wanted a site, built from scratch, that not only reflected business and technology, but also their branding of ‘red and black’. They didn’t want something that looked too ‘clinical’, but they did want something that was professional, simple to navigate and modern.

My clients actually loved my designs from the initial ideas to the final stages! On the Home Page there is a revolving banner that holds a summary of some of the main areas of the business and underneath were 3 pictures and links to other areas. There is a News Page with related articles and their Twitter feed, as well as Contact Page.
I designed the site itself in Photoshop, which allowed me to match the red colour and tone of black exactly to the existing logo. I wanted to ensure that the colours and themes flowed throughout the site. All of the pictures included in the site, I edited to ensure that their undertones and hues were red, rather than the original colours, which might have clashed. I ensured all the text was justified and evenly spaced; not wanting the content to look illegible and squashed together. I provided links in the footer along with the Social Media icons.

Another part of the project was to start and develop the company’s Social Media presence. I created the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages; and put together a YouTube and Video strategy as well as a proposal for designing and utilising a Blog. Within a month the Twitter account had over 400 followers, and is now at nearly 800.

SBA Systems were thrilled with the work I did; including setting-up Google Analytics, Adwords and embedding keywords within each page of the site. This site is relatively simple in design, but it still retains a professional appearance and functioning. I hope in the future to engage in projects that require the use of JavaScript and forms and perhaps with a less formal structure. I always look to challenge myself and I hope to perhaps get a more difficult and obscure project which will not only challenge my design abilities, but my technical understanding too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project, it gave me the confidence to distinguish myself as a web designer and unlocked a passion for coding that I still enjoy to this day! This site development also helped me hone my DreamWeaver skills as well as understanding the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the site; using the server to maintain pictures and files whilst linking them to the front end.

I hope you like! Here is the link to the site:
SBA Systems

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