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A ‘Doctor? Doctor Who?’ Christmas

Hello Bambinos!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmases. I had a lovely quiet few days, made particularly awesome by Doctor Who, Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album and far too many turkey sandwiches.

I was also blessed by some beautiful presents:

  • 2 (dirty) books,
  • 2 stand-up dvds to join my ridiculous collection,
  • ‘Ginger Ways’ gift set from Origins,
  • Clothes from Red Herring & Miss Selfridge,
  • A Blue Topaz & Diamond necklace from America,
  • Dior & Ghost perfumes,
  • The Soap & Glory ‘Best of All Gift Set’,
  • Black wedge boots from River Island,
  • Too much chocolate,
  • A new Thomas Kinkade 2013 calendar,
  • Some money from the father AND from the HM Revenue (I didn’t ask for the latter, but it was very welcome),
  • The Expendables on DVD,
  • A Sephora Make-up set for Brown Eyes

I *FINALLY* watched The Dark Knight Rises on Christmas evening and I have to say, it’s one of the best films I’ve EVER seen. From the special effects to the twists to the stunts and oh just EVERYTHING. I brought it for my brother but I think I might have to steal it back.

My other brother came over in the evening, which was especially nice. This was my first Christmas without him being there the whole day and also without my nan, who passed away earlier in the year. It made me realise how nice it was to have the family that I do have around, albeit it being very small. We all laughed and ate; whilst watching my brother have some kind of seizure over his new history book, (don’t ask).

My family aren’t drinkers, so instead our Christmas tradition saw, once again, my brother and mother falling asleep; snoring as if their lives depended on it. I was left oogling Christian Bale with about my 10th Profiterole and a cat hyped-up on Dreamies playing with my feet. Who could ask for more?

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012 and I will be taking a look back at the past year; the highs and the lows and what I have planned for 2013 in terms of resolutions and goals, so do look out for it! (Unless you’re already partying away, of course – Then you’re excused.)

Before I toddle off to bed, take a look at my festive pictures below. There’s far too much Instagram going on for my liking, but blame that on my DSLR breaking. Something I hope to remedy next year.

I wish you all a VERY Happy New Year, and I genuinely hope 2013 brings you everything you work for and desire… (If there IS a God, it will be Henry Cavill for me).

Emily x

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