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YSL Touche Éclat Foundation Review

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation Review

‘Illuminating Foundation
Dimensional Radiance
Weightless Perfection’

This has been my foundation of choice for months now. I love ADORE my Touché Éclat – it’s one of my beauty must-haves – so to see it coming out as a foundation gave me a bit of a joygasm. I hadn’t spoken of it till now because I’m a firm believer in giving a base product like this, a thorough test-drive and usage.

I’m shade BD40, which is ‘Golden Beige’ – a match I found particularly surprising! My skin has more pink undertones rather than yellow/warm and in Winter months I’m especially pale and lack any form of colour (or life ha!). It makes sense then, that when I was colour matched back in July I would have had some colour in my cheeks! Just a smidge, mind. I’m incapable of a tan!

That aside, this shade still works on me. During the past few months I have been using less so as not to overdo it on my paler skin. To apply I use my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and gently smooth the foundation over using downwards circular movements. It blends very easily and feels like silk going on; confirming YSL’s claims it has a ‘weightless texture’. It is definitely a light to medium coverage. You can build it up as much as you want to, but watch out for caking. It softens flaws and scars, but doesn’t cover them, so I recommend a concealer to go on after.
There’s no doubt it leaves my skin looking smooth and luminous; but as I’ve come to realise over the past 6+ months, I have oily skin and this foundation isn’t actually ideal for those who are similar to me. Around midday, after about 3/4 hours of wearing the product, I tend to start getting rather shiny and find that if I touch my face, the make-up comes off right on my fingertips. I adore the dewy glow I get, but there is a fine line between appearing ‘healthy’ and looking just plain oily after a few hours.

Applying powder definitely helps, but isn’t a flawless solution. I’m learning new things about make-up, hair and beauty every day – and what I’ve learnt recently is that for my oily/combination skin type, I definitely need a foundation that provides a matte finish. I wear glasses a lot, especially since I’m up at the crack of dawn most days and there’s nothing more embarrassing than half of my foundation ending up on them within an hour. I know this is a standard and common issue for many women, but I’m still looking for that holy grail product that will defy the odds! Or at least do the above, less.

With 22 shades, this is a product that can be loved by a variety of women. However, if you’re an oily so-and-so like me, I’d recommend against it – or at least trying a sample before buying. I also recommend investing in some blotting paper. I use Skin Clear Oil-Absorbing Sheets from Boots – they soak up all the grease without removing any make-up and are impregnated with Salicylic acid to help deal with any spots you may have.

There’s no doubt this is a great foundation. If you’re lucky enough to have non-oily skin, then I can imagine this would look beautiful and luminous on. I do enjoy the look I can achieve with it, albeit it being for a few hours, but until I try a new foundation, this will be my product of choice!

You can buy YSL Touche Éclat Foundation from most beauty department stores, including that of Boots, Debenhams and John Lewis OR you can buy online from one of my favourite beauty stores, Feel Unique. It retails there for £28 and it’s free delivery! Yippee!

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