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Magazine & Leaflet Design

At the beginning of this year I started my new job as a Visual Marketing Manager at a French company called Soft Paris. However, I chose only to complete the 5 week probationary contract, rather than stay on full-time, due to a few reasons. Unfortunately the language barrier was just too much. I know only basic French and my colleagues at the time knew very little English. This made communicating professionally as well as socially really difficult and so I found the whole experience very isolating. I knew after the first 2 weeks that the position wasn’t what I had expected, but I finished the 5 week period to gain managerial & design experience and I don’t regret it for a second. I certainly learnt a lot – including a fair bit of French – and in this post I will show you 2 of the big projects I headed up!

The main piece of work I had was to redesign the company recruitment magazine. I had to update the layout, photography, imagery, content and structure, which I did using Adobe InDesign CS6. I also had to edit and retouch new photos taken specifically for the project as well as check every formatting detail – a perfectionist’s dream! I had to enter and spell-check the French used, which certainly helped improve my understanding of the language! It was a lot of work, but felt like such a huge achievement when I finally sent it off! My InDesign skills got a real big boost with this piece of work and so did my photo-editing abilities! Here are the final pages (click on them for a bigger view!):







I also had the task of reformatting 6 different leaflets – 3 French, 3 Spanish. I had to make sure that the designs were completely consistent and that everything was aligned perfectly. Again, I had to get them ready for print and these are 2 of the final results:



& in French:



A lot of work when into the above; it required a serious amount of concentration because I was working with both French and Spanish. I learnt more about the magazine design process as well the workings of InDesign & Illustrator CS6. As I was managing the projects I had to be really organised and on top of changes and deadlines.

In my next post I’ll show my other work that was centred around the social media channels and website! x


  1. supercalafashionistic says

    OMG this is so fancy. Looks amazing! I love you’re writing style, real pleasure to read.
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin & GFC?
    Let me know with a comment and I always comment back.
    Lots of Love from London.
    Love G xx

    • Hi Georgia!
      Thank you so much; comments like these really make my week! 🙂
      I’ve followed you on Bloglovin’ and Twitter – I love your website, it’s wonderful!
      Talk soon!
      Emily x

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