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My Favourite Perfumes


I love perfume. No matter what I’m doing or where I’m going, I always spritz myself in the morning – it makes me feel ready for the day and just that little bit more confident. I think that because I’m naturally more of a tomboy, this gives me a little feminine edge. I get my mini-obsession from my mum, who owns just about every Chanel & Dior scent ever made – including the originals made about 40 years ago. Her collection is so impressive; I might have to sneak a few into mine…(shh).

But to me, perfumes and fragrances are a form of personal expression that gives you a tiny little insight into the personality of the wearer. Are they someone who likes a strong, spicy scent or someone who prefers a fresh and soothing smell? I find it so interesting!

For example, I have a friend who loves Miss Dior. I took a whiff, almost gagged and had an awful headache that lasted all day. Crazy, right? I’m a huge fan of Dior, but that perfume was a huge no-no. I think it’s because I have a very sensitive nose and as a result I can’t have anything remotely strong near me. Some even give me migraines, which is why I stick to light, floral scents. They’re far more ‘me’, anyway!

The first on my list is Ghost Sweetheart. I will ALWAYS own this one. It was the very first perfume my mum brought me when I was around 16 years old and it not only smells wonderful but it’s nostalgic too. It reminds me of being at school, going on my first ever date, Christmases when my dad and mum were still together and even my Fresher’s week of University. There are hints of lemon as you spray it and it settles on the skin with a beautiful bouquet of Roses, Jasmine and Lilies, making it classically floral. It finishes with Caramel, which helps it last longer on the skin and adds a wonderful touch of sophistication! It’s my day-to-day perfume and I’ve always had compliments with it.

The second is Dior Addict Eau Fraîche. I was looking for another perfume to shake things up a bit. After perusing Debenhams and giving myself an awful headache by trying the best part of 7 perfumes, I stumbled on to this with the help of my mum and instantly fell in love. I got this for Christmas and I’ve tried to be frugal with it (I got the smallest size and it was still nearly £40!). When I put it on, it gives me an instant feeling of femininity and energy. It reminds me of spring-time with its fruity, floral aroma and yet it’s not overpowering. I find it lasts all day and it’s one of those perfumes that makes you feel sexy and playful, yet innocent with Freesia at the heart of it’s scent. There are hints of musk and grenadine too, which gives it a sweet but subtle undertone. This is a beautifully classy choice and I wear it mainly on big days or nights out when I really want to ‘sparkle’.

Last but not least is Burberry Brit. I found this randomly during the sales in January. As soon as I tested it I was like ‘wow’. It’s a modern, delicate scent with notes of almond pear and lime. I adore the smell of sugared almonds AND peonies, both of which combine to give a sweet and overall warm scent. I don’t know *how* exactly, but it does exude ‘British style’. There are undertones of vanilla and amber all of which make this my go-to scent for Summer. There’s something so classical and timeless about it and for that I’ll be repurchasing it again and again.

What are some of your favourite perfumes?

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  1. nailcentric says

    Ghost Sweetheart is one of my fav scents. Pity it is so difficult to find where I live…

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