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Be Gone, Winter!

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner, This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle, Soap & Glory Glow Getter


Okay, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a ‘lady who tans’. I know what you’re thinking! Shocking news, right? When I am out in the hot sun I tend to burn the majority of the time, regardless of my factor 50+ sun cream. That said, I’m not one to actively try and tan, either. I wear moisturisers and products with SPF every day, even in winter, because my skins well-being is very important to me. Most people I meet, men and women alike, spend a lot of time on building their tans and think being pale is awful. That’s okay, we’re all entitled to our opinions – but to me, my health far exceeds the need for ‘a tan’. My strict routine must be working somewhat, I’m frequently mistaken for looking 14! Ha!
I did try a fake tan once, last July. The whole process went okay, but after the colour set in, I looked ridiculous. Seriously! It was the lightest shade (is that the term?!), but I looked like I had rolled around in mud. It didn’t actually suit me or my natural colouring, but you know what? I’m perfectly all right with that. I love my English Rose looks. I’m ringing the bell for all the pale girls!

Okay, ramble-y speech moment over.

This all being said, I do appreciate a subtle glow. Emphasis on subtle! You know what I mean, that healthy look you get when you’re back from holiday? The problem is, for paler girls, finding the right products to use, especially facially, is quite difficult. I’ve done some testing, with some hilarious results might I add, and below are my chosen best three for the face. All gave natural, light results and – most importantly – are risk free and safe! Here we go:

Soap and Glory Glow Getter – £10.50
I LOVE this product. This can actually be used on both your face and body and it smells INCREDIBLE. It’s a rub-resistant powder spray that really does give an ‘airbrushed effect’ to the skin. The brilliance of this product lies in it’s ability to build colour. I only need to spray once and that’s enough for me! But for those of you who like a darker more intense look, you can build it up as much as you like! It doesn’t transfer to clothing and can easily be washed off with water. It doesn’t streak and leaves that lovely ‘sun-kissed look’. You can take it with you in your bag if you want a quick touch up, though in all honesty, I doubt you’d need it! It lasts well into the day (or night), is the cheapest of the bunch and most importantly, it’s perfect for paler skins! Result!
A few tips: Make sure you spray GENTLY from arms length! We’re not going for Oompa Loompa here! Depending on where you’re spraying, it does tend to go everywhere, so keep a towel close by! & lastly, ensure you leave a few minutes between spraying and putting on your clothes and use your fingertips to blend the product in for a naturally flawless look.

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face & Decollete – £18
This award winning product is a wonderful liquid bronzer. It’s perfect for when you wants a healthy glow quickly and is ideal for a night out! Packed with vitamins, this lotion delivers wonderful moisture as well as a hint of colour. It doesn’t smell, like many others do, and is easy to apply. Again, it can be layered up for a deeper colour. It feels lovely and silky soft when gliding it over your skin and it doesn’t streak as it works with your own skin tone. It’s very natural looking, with quick drying results and develops within a few hours. At £18 it’s not the cheapest product out there, but with Clarins you know you’re making a trustworthy investment. It was the winner of ‘Best Face Self Tanner’ in Harper’s Bazaar Hot 100 2011, so you know it has to be good!
A few tips: Exfoliate before use. Any dead skin cells or dried skin will be emphasised by this product otherwise. I used a cotton wool pad for an even application, but you can use your hands if you prefer. Apply to your skin using light ‘sweeping’ motions and avoid your hairline and brows! Oh, and if you do use your hands, remember to wash them after!

This Works: Perfect Look Skin Miracle – £28
I was so sceptical about this product. At £28 for 30ml, it’s the most expensive of the lot by FAR. Put it this way, the prices of the other two are for 100ml and up, and they’re considerably cheaper. Having said that, this IS a good product and falls into the delightful tinted moisturiser category. The first thing I noticed about this product, was that whilst giving a healthy glow, it’s coverage level is minimal. If like me, you suffer from a few spots/uneven skin tone, you will need to apply a LIGHTER layer of foundation. It works really well underneath make-up, both as a primer and a moisturiser. It has vitamin C, anti-inflammatory vitamin E which aids the reduction of skin imperfections and Hyaluronic acid that delivers long last hydration. The smell isn’t my favourite, but it’s hardly offensive, either. It definitely gave the look of radiance and left my skin feeling very soft, but I definitely couldn’t wear it alone.
A few tips: Ensure you rub the product in thoroughly (but gently) all over the face and down the neck. Otherwise on paler skins there is a risk of ‘tide marks’. Be careful you don’t apply too much. One pump is more than enough for the whole face!

I hope that’s helped. If I was more confident I’d have taken pictures of some of the hilarious results I got and shared them with you! But that will all come in time.
All 3 of these will last me a good length of time; easily to the end of Summer and for that, they’re great value.

So, my pale friends – fear not! There are products suited to us too that’ll leave you looking lovely, not leathery.

What are some of your favourite tanning products?

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