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Anything Can Happen


So, I have a little announcement to make… If the above picture doesn’t give it away somewhat, then let me just say I’m a super-duper ball of excitement at the moment!! Next Tuesday I will be starting my NEW job as Junior Digital Designer at Lipsy!! It’s still sinking in that I got the position and that I will be working for a brand I love! I’m of course, nervous, but my enthusiasm and determination far exceed the butterflies. The Head Office is in London at Oxford Circus – one of my favourite areas! It’s a job that will help train and develop my skills so that, hopefully, in a few years, I can become a Senior Digital Designer! I literally can’t wait to get started!

I consider myself to be very lucky – getting a job in the fashion industry with a brand that I greatly respect and who will help me grow and build my career is a dream come true for me, especially considering the economic climate and lack of jobs available. I seriously plan on making the most of this incredible opportunity. I will work my butt off as well as make new friends in what is easily one of the loveliest and most comfortable places I’ve ever been.

I was unemployed from February 7th until last week when I found out the amazing news. 3 months is a long time when you’re jobless. I didn’t honestly expect to hear back when I applied for this job, but I did obviously did. Firstly I was given a brief in which I had to design a Trend Banner and Home Page for the company website, based on my knowledge of the brand and their styles and techniques. After submitting my work I was luckily invited for an interview at the HO. It actually lasted about an hour and 30 minutes! I was enjoying talking to the staff and discussing the position so much that I didn’t even realise the time! I left the interview feeling proud and really inspired. I was on edge the entire weekend and Monday because I wanted the job so badly! I knew I had some serious competition and therefore remained hopeful, but not expectant. When I got the phone call I think I almost screamed! I definitely thought I’d dreamt the whole thing! But THANK GOD, I didn’t.

This job is a gift, one I will cherish. Being jobless is very difficult and stressful; especially to those who, like myself, have qualifications and an ambitious and determined work ethic. Young or old, we all just need a chance to prove ourselves. I’m currently writing a list of tips for ‘coping’ with being unemployed, which I plan on posting tomorrow. I’m hoping it’ll give a little encouragement and support to those who have been in my position. For now, all I’ll say is, DON’T give up. Don’t allow yourself to feel down or negative because you WILL get there. You’re not the only person in your position and you’re certainly not alone in your struggles.

My title of this post is ‘Anything Can Happen’ – & it can. If you have enough self-belief and passion, you can do anything you put your mind to. Have faith and keep going; you’ll get there.

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  1. ridethatbus says

    Hi Emily I found your blog from the company forum. Love it! Love your positive outlook and that you like comedy (I am an amateur stand-up). I’m also looking for work now it’s almost been 2 months in London without work and it’s pretty depressing. This post gave me some hope. Thanks for writing it and I hope you will post the ways to cope list you have written/are writing. Glad to have found you. x Priya

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