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Rock The Backpack



When I started working in London, I found out very quickly that a one-shoulder handbag just won’t cut it. & I love handbags. I own so many of them I literally don’t have anywhere to put them. Because of my neck and shoulder condition, I really can’t get through the day without my back feeling fully supported and the weight taken off of my left side. As a result, I brought a backpack knowing it would help me carry my often heavy load!

On my birthday I treated myself to a beautiful leather Topshop backpack, which can be found here. It holds all my essentials, you know; whatever book I’m currently reading, my makeup/hairbands/handcream, my purse etc. Backpacks are definitely making a come-back into the fashion world and as a result I’ve compiled a list of my 5 favourites. If, like me, you enjoy some two-strap action (that doesn’t sound dirty, does it?!), then I hope you like my choices!

1. Etsy 13″ 3-In-1 Hobo Pack – Individually Made – Prices Vary
I ADORE this bag. Other than it being real Italian leather (*drools*) it’s actually a backpack, handbag and shoulder bag all rolled into 1! I think this is a genius idea and I’m so in love with it, I plan on actually buying it. This beauty can take you from day to night in a second, can hold everything from your laptop to your books and is available in a range of colours – what is not to love?!

2. Topshop Clean Clip Backpack in Oxblood – £80
The style of this backpack is very on trend; with a central zip and an almost diamond shape. The colour is GORGEOUS. It’s not as big as my current one or my choice above, but it is very compact, which on the tube is very beneficial! I would worry about the zip being so openly available though – what’s to stop someone simply opening your bag and taking your purse? That aside, I do adore it and think it would be great for a day out rather than work when you have so much to carry. It’s also available in a lovely grey colour too.

3. Coach Studio Legacy Leather Backpack – $258
I know, I know. It’s ridiculously expensive. But just LOOK at it. This is about as elegant as a backpack can get and I love the chocolate colour. It’s lightweight, secure and can hold a fair amount. It’s got amazing reviews online and after reading through some of them it’s clear that it’s a much-loved fashion classic. It’s suitable for travelling or work and with it’s simple but beautiful design it’s a definite treat. Perhaps, when I’m earning more money…

4. Not On The High Street Tiznit Moroccan Kilim Backpack – £115
This backpack is not only right on trend with it’s Aztec patterning, it’s also handmade by a team of leather craftsmen in Marrakesh. What I absolutely LOVE about this backpack is that each bag is truly unique, no two bags are the same. Just knowing the time, the effort and the passion that’s gone into creating each is what makes me what to own one so badly. Who doesn’t want a bag that’s literally a one off? It’s secure, made ethically and has suede lining – it’s love!

5. Yes Style Colour Block Buckled Backpack – $38
This choice is the cheapest of the lot, but it’s also not leather (not always a necessity, but I am a snob at times…). I chose it because I actually really like the simple design and the colours used. It’s cotton, which is lightweight and washable, plus it’s large enough to fit in a lot of your day to day essentials. It’s by a designer called Fashion Lady, which I again think is wonderful, knowing someone’s skill and hard work has gone into making this. With it’s one bold colour of coral/orange, it’s also extremely fashionable. It’s bold, yet understated and that’s why I like it so much. Not to mention it’s extremely affordable!

There you have it, my choice of backpacks! Do you have any of your own favourites?

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  1. casenova1234 says

    Nice sharing I love these bags . Hey Emily’s Sanctuary thanks to share it.

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