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Social Media At Lipsy

Creating artwork for Lipsy’s social media channels was one of my main responsibilities. Social Media is an area I’m very passionate about, especially in terms of design, technology and marketing strategy. I brought my knowledge and experience from Benefit Cosmetics to the table and it put me in very good stead with the Social Manager! I designed for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram & Pinterest. I’ve included just a few examples of my work below (I literally have HUNDREDS), so let me know what you think!

Facebook Cover Photos




Scorching Style


I was lucky enough to be tasked with redesigning all of the content that Lipsy posted on their Facebook page. It was a big project; one that required me to create a variety of designs that were modern, on-brand and consistent. The layouts and styles I designed proved so popular with the company that it was decided they should be utilised over other branding collateral such as customer emails and the website. Even though I left the company in November last year, my designs are still being used. Being put in charge of such a massive responsibility was quite nerve-racking, but I really enjoyed the challenge; I pushed myself creatively and felt my confidence and knowledge of effective and modern design growing. Have a click on the below to see them in more detail.

– Facebook Content

– Just In Time For The Weekend

– Trend Alert

– Style It Up

– So Fresh, So New

– As Seen On

– Look What’s Back

Twitter Backgrounds & Banners




YouTube Backgrounds



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