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Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum’s Head

Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum's Head


After 10 months of waiting, I finally got to see Greg Davies in his latest tour back in November. One of my 2013 resolutions was to see more stand-up shows and this was my third and final of the year. I have always loved Greg Davies, from laughing hysterically at him as the Head Master in The Inbetweeners (a frequent occurrence), to his appearances on panel shows like Mock The Week. He’s one of my favourite comics; there’s just something so down-to-earth and likeable about him. He doesn’t have to use racism, sexism or nasty anecdotes to be funny, instead he uses stories from his days as a student and his family life, which makes it all the more relatable. November 26th in Southend was fantastic and I can’t wait to see him live again.

I took my older brother along for his Birthday and we both came away having literally cried with laughter. I’d managed to get seats right near the front; which meant that yes, Greg was only a few metres away (so apparently I’m now on a first name basis with him). I don’t want to ruin any of his set for you, but what I will say is that the phrase ‘Anal Yawn‘ was born… need I say more? There were a few times that his props fell or he forgot his point and went off on a tangent and he ended up cracking up with the rest of the audience! He has a contagious energy and creates such a fun and light-hearted atmosphere that you can’t help but smile and enjoy yourself.

Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum's Head

At the end, he actually stayed around afterwards to meet all his fans, have photos taken and sign programmes. THAT’S RIGHT. I got to meet him and he really is as lovely as he appears on screen. I got my official tour programme signed by him, with ‘Anal Yawn’ on of course and just as I was leaving I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I know, I’m quite the hussy. BUT he did say I had a ‘funky jumper‘, so I’m completely justified in my actions.

He said that Southend had genuinely been the warmest and therefore his favourite place to perform. I am choosing to believe he doesn’t say that to every town he visits. Shh, don’t ruin it for me.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, I seriously recommend it. You’ll have a brilliant time and laugh till your sides hurt. Who’re your favourite comedians/comediennes?

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