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Manning Gottlieb Interview

Two weeks ago I had an interview for the positions of Social Media Designer at Manning Gottlieb, a multi-award winning design agency based in London. I didn’t get the position (the company didn’t hire anyone in the end), but I was told that I was the strongest candidate with ‘amazing design talent’ and ‘really great ideas’. Of course I was sad not to get the role, but I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and that something even better will come along. Always stay positive!

After I passed the phone interview, I had to prepare a brief of work for the final stage. Unfortunately I didn’t get the brief until much later than planned due to an administration error and I had to make do with the time I had. I worked continuously for 2 days straight and got the first two of the four parts done in great detail. I managed to thoroughly research the other two and come up with a variety of ideas ready to present for my interview.
The interview itself couldn’t have gone any better; I really impressed the Social Media Manager with my thought-processes and designs and it was said that I had hit both the brands, Specsavers and Waitrose spot on. Below I’ve included some of the ideas I came up with. I’m really pleased with what I came up with!

1. Create a Facebook Post for Waitrose – Drive a desire to shop in Waitrose for Valentine’s day.

Waitrose is a brand that just exudes professionalism and quality, whilst being quintessentially British and organic. They’re marketing is clever without being tacky or questionable in message and a massive part of their marketing revolves around their recipes and providing them to their customers via social media and video. I did plenty of research on the brand and in doing so, found that in their latest adverts, they’ve been referring to themselves as ‘’, with the strapline of ‘There’s only one….’. I also did some market research by asking a few of the men I know what would motivate them to shop at the store and what they’d expect from a Facebook post. Based on the results I created a few different designs that focused on beautiful (product) photography and one simple, powerful message.


Waitrose Concept Ideas




2. Create a Facebook Post for Specsavers – Convince a 40+ year old female that Specsavers is about more than just the high street and has real fashion credentials.

I’m a Specsavers customer myself and wear both contacts and glasses. I love my glasses, I have 5 pairs – some of which are Specsavers own make and others which are FCUK, Missoni and Tommy Hilfiger. As with Waitrose, I did plenty of research into the brand and even went to speak to a Specsavers employee at my local store. What became clear to me through speaking to a few women over the age of 40 at my local singing group, was that a high-end brand such as Hugo Boss, a new collection for Specsavers, doesn’t necessarily make it ‘fashion’. Specsavers follows all of the latest fashions and has had collaborations with the likes of ASOS. One of the ideas I had included showing a celebrity wearing a Specsavers range, like Mel C, Vanessa Phelps and Lulu. I was playing with the phrases of ‘Fashion knows no age…’, ‘Life doesn’t stop at 40, so why should fashion?’ and even using quotes taken directly from Specsavers’ wearers.
I also came up with the idea of a video. I would have a 40+ year old woman walking out of her bathroom in a robe; she would then walk into her walk-in wardrobe, passing shoes, jewellery etc. until she comes to a draw that when she opens it, is filled with a range of glasses. She puts a pair on after trying to pick a pair, and then turns around to see her husband walking to her smiling. I could then create some visual stills from this clip.
Based on the results it was clear that I had to create some designs that were confidence-boosting, stylish and quirkyNOT patronising. The copy needed to be snappy, effective and fun, but most of all, show fashion through Specsavers’ quality and value.

Specsavers Research

Specsavers Concept Ideas

Specsavers-Portfolio-Jasper Conran-Fashion-2




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