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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

This is one of my favourite graphical pieces I’ve done. I decided that for my CV I wanted an image that represented me – what I like, what I can do – and I wanted it to have that ‘wow’ factor to grab potential employers’ attention. I thought, what better way to do this, than using an image of yourself and the different tones to express key words about my skills and abilities? The below is the result! It took a good few hours to get it just how I wanted and I’ve included a black and white copy as well as colour. I overlay some of the colours and emphasised the shapes of my eyes as I didn’t want to lose the detail of the unedited picture. As per usual, I hope you like it!

Achievements at Benefit

Whilst working at Benefit I was lucky enough to have my work recognised on a number of occasions. My work through Wildfire Interactive and my Social Media Management and Development of the Benefit Facebook page made it into a case study and as a result, in the Metro Newspaper. It spoke about how my template and tab designs significantly improved fan engagement and interest. The artwork I created for competitions and events also saw a big increase in activity. The second is an award that I achieved from the CEO of Benefit Cosmetics. The UK Digital Dept (my boss and I), had seen the biggest growth and development of ALL the offices internationally. This was easily one of my proudest moments, and knowing that my commitment to the Benefit Social Media channels, the visuals I produced and my strategies directly influenced this award is something I’ll always treasure. The last is something I got from the Benefit Marketing Manager. In my time at Benefit, I took the Facebook fans from 45,000, to over 400,000. This …

Benefit Bestival Looks

As one of my final pieces of work at Benefit, I had to photograph, airbrush and re-touch 3 images of the ‘Nature’ looks for Bestival 2012. I was extremely flattered to be asked to model for the ‘Peacock’ make-up, and obviously couldn’t take my own photo in this instance! When airbrushing and retouching, I kept the looks as natural and as realistic as possible. As someone trained to airbrush photographs, I like to keep the subject looking ‘human’ and naturally beautiful! I used Photoshop to edit the pictures. Here are the 3 final photos. We have the Leopard, Peacock and Butterfly make-up looks. I hope you like them!

Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

I’m in LOVE with Edinburgh. Last week I was lucky enough to spend just over two days in the Scottish capital for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I was there to take pictures, Tweet/Facebook & meet a few lovely bloggers. I’m going to keep what I have to say short and sweet, despite the huge list of things I have to talk about, as I feel my pictures below more than represent just what an amazing time I had! The architecture is exquisite, the sights even more so and the people were really friendly. The weather was beautiful! & if that wasn’t enough, I also went to see one of the semi-finals for Funny Women and saw last years winner, Lara A King, headline! I met 3 wonderful bloggers, Adrienne from The Sunday Girl, Lori from Miss Lori Loves & Gillian from Elevator Music. All three were so lovely, they made my first visit to Edinburgh even more special. Sharing tips, tricks & laughs as well as being shown the sights, is an experience I’ll never …

Spring Time Apps, Competition & Awards!

Again, it’s been about a month since I last wrote! As usual work is incredibly busy, so I struggle to find the time to write more often! (I’m aware one of my Resolutions this year was to write more on my blog, but I HAVE made an effort to branch into style and beauty, so it’s not all bad really…!) First off is an update to my Top Sellers application on Facebook. I did a post about creating this ages ago, but I’ve given it a new lease of life this month to go with our more current products; Hervana and Cabana Glama. Not to mention our two most popular products, They’re Real & Porefessional. Here are some pics to take a look at. You can see how it’s changed! The Debenhams Beauty Award Winners were also announced a few days ago and amazingly we won 6 different categories, including ‘Best Mascara’, ‘Best Blusher’ & ‘Best Primer’! The visual is something I designed for both our Benefit blog and for Facebook/Twitter. For a small piece …

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow & The Tour!

On the 31st of March, Benefit Cosmetics launched their first and new liquid foundation, Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW. It’s make-up that brightens whilst giving a natural and luminous complexion. The oil-free formula with SPF 25PA+++, builds from light to medium coverage while feeling barely there. It also helps boost cellular respiration and prevents the signs of ageing. It comes in 9 different shades. To support the launch of our new foundation, we have a huge roadshow that’s been travelling the length of the UK and Ireland, inviting many of our bloggers along to help promote Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. The main stops on the tour are Glasgow, Swansea, London, Norwich, Manchester and there will even be a stint in Cork & Dublin! My boss, Jasmine, is currently heading up the roadshow with our Head Makeup & Trend Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon, but I was lucky enough to attend the London event – the first stop on the trip! I designed the invites for each city and group of bloggers. I sent them out and arranged the …

My Benefit Allocation!

My Benefit Cosmetics allocation came today; happy happy days! I’ve needed some new products for ages, so this is a very welcome gift! It’s also a wonderfully hot and sunny day, PLUS it’s almost the weekend, so I am definitely a happy bunny today! I’ll be doing a post soon on the Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Event I attended on Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled! Enjoy the sun all, spring is almost here!!

Designing At Benefit

One part of my job I particularly love is being able to put my design skills to good use. This month I got to put together the Press Release for our new Box O’ Powder, Hervana. The artwork was already there, but I collated it into one big image for both PR and Digital. Take a look: I was also asked to design a Press Release for our Head Makeup & Trend Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon as part of London Fashion Week. It features her ‘Tips, Tricks & Trends’ which came straight from the catwalk. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and it was even feature on the House of Fraser website! I love to design (and use Photoshop!). I can lose myself for hours just designing and creating artwork. These 2 pieces are great examples of my work and are obviously joining my ever-growing portfolio!

Benefit Roundup!

Hey all! I’ll try to keep to the point and not ramble on too much today! The first project I’ll start with is Diet Coke. For spring, Benefit befriended Diet Coke for an exciting collaboration as part of their ‘Get Glam’ collection that started in this month and goes on until the end of March. The collection, which is influenced by the puppet-personalities of the Diet Coke girls, sees three new-season looks created – Romantic Eyes, Rock Chic Base & Fashionista Lips. Three limited-edition Diet Coke cans have been designed to accompany each look. With each can comes a £5 voucher code to redeem against purchases over £20 at Benefit Cosmetics UK! The three looks are Romantic, Fasionista and Rock Chick. Each has been created with Benefit’s three main tints in mind; Benetint (Fashionista), Posietint (Romantic) & ChaChaTint (Rock Chic). Diet Coke created videos to show how to create each look using Benefit products (and of course the tints!). Here are the videos for each, take a look! Romantic Eyes Fashionista Lips Rock Chick Base …

A Benefit Catch Up!

I have so much to cover today! So much, in fact, that I’m going to have to back track all the way to the beginning of December last year! I will break it all up, though, so you aren’t bombarded with a post stupidly long and boring! So, what first? Back in December, I had an Event in Norwich that I effectively arranged myself (go me!). We had our very first Boutique opening up in Debenhams, so I invited Bloggers along to a special get together to celebrate the world first for Benefit! I contacted the Bloggers, created the Press Release, and helped arrange food etc. It doesn’t sound a lot, but when you consider constant communication and checks to ensure everything will run smoothly, it’s actually quite a task keeping on top of it all! Gift boxes had to be arranged, as well as name badges. The event also had to be arranged with the Benefit Counter so that all of the attendees could get a free make-upper. I unfortunately, at the last minute, …

Competitions, Campaigns & PR

Okay, so it’s been a ridiculously long time since I last posted. What with Christmas and work, I’ve found barely any time to properly sit down and write about what I’ve been doing! I’ll try and carry on from where I left off (and perhaps make one of my New Years resolutions to post on here far more often)… Following on from my last ridiculously long post, I thought I’d do a relatively ‘short’ one on our ‘latest’ competitions and campaigns. But first, I should make a little (and very late) announcement. As of the 1st of December, I officially helped Benefit go over the 100,000 fans mark. That’s right my friends… WE REACHED 100,000 FANS! With the help of some networking and sharing of competitions on forums, I saw an increase of over 2,000 fans in a day! What an achievement! The office was SO happy! Of course, me being me (a workaholic and a geek), this just made my year. I told the bloggers at the event on the 25th of November that …

Party Central @ Benefit!

It’s been an amazingly hectic few weeks at Benefit; hence why its been ages since I wrote anything! & to top it all off, this week will see a hand-over from my boss Jasmine, as she’s off to Hawaii on Thursday…! So, let’s see. It would obviously be best to start from the beginning. What have I done in the past 3/4 weeks? There’s been our big Bloggers Event here in Chelmsford at the Benefit Head Office, as well as a number of competitions & campaigns run through my good friend, Wildfire. We’ve now got the T-Shirt one up and running (with no hitches may I add!) and also a fantastic Hoola Competition. More about that later though… Movember ended; I arranged the Norwich Blog Event (for the new opening of our first in-store boutique!) and I also went to the Birmingham Clothes Show for 3 days! It’s safe to say, I’ve worked bloody hard, but I’ve loved every minute of it. I think for this post alone, I’ll show just one or two of …

Benefit Christmas Comp!

Benefit’s Christmas competition this year is really fantastic; You can win ALL of our Christmas gift sets, which together are worth over £250! Get liking us on Facebook and enter! We’re nearing 93,000 fans, and it would be amazing if by the end of the year we could reach our target of 100,000! Please show your support and love for Benefit Cosmetics by liking our page and sharing our competition! The products are genuinely amazing, we have great offers, and we clearly do amazing competitions! Thanks guys! x (I even designed this little banner!)

Have You Been Good This Year?

Here’s our Benefit Christmas Elves video that I edited. It took a fair bit of refining, and it’s safe to say I’ve seen enough of our Bene-men’s nipples to last me a life-time, but it was a huge amount of fun to edit and many a laugh was had! I’ve created a 30 second version and a 15 second version, which will be used as advertisements through YouTube TrueView. So far the response has been amazing, and we’re hoping that the results will only continue to get better! Enjoy! x

Watt’s Up?

This picture has been up for about a week now on the Benefit Cosmetics UK fan page, but I thought I’d share it anyway! Luke, my fellow E-commerce/Digital person and I are sporting the new and rather wonderful Watt’s Up badges! It’s a hard life being in Marketing, but someone’s got to do it…! Click on the image to be taken to the image on the Benefit Cosmetics UK Page!