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Manning Gottlieb Interview

Two weeks ago I had an interview for the positions of Social Media Designer at Manning Gottlieb, a multi-award winning design agency based in London. I didn’t get the position (the company didn’t hire anyone in the end), but I was told that I was the strongest candidate with ‘amazing design talent’ and ‘really great ideas’. Of course I was sad not to get the role, but I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and that something even better will come along. Always stay positive! After I passed the phone interview, I had to prepare a brief of work for the final stage. Unfortunately I didn’t get the brief until much later than planned due to an administration error and I had to make do with the time I had. I worked continuously for 2 days straight and got the first two of the four parts done in great detail. I managed to thoroughly research the other two and come up with a variety of ideas ready to present for my interview. The interview …


Social Media At Lipsy

Creating artwork for Lipsy’s social media channels was one of my main responsibilities. Social Media is an area I’m very passionate about, especially in terms of design, technology and marketing strategy. I brought my knowledge and experience from Benefit Cosmetics to the table and it put me in very good stead with the Social Manager! I designed for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram & Pinterest. I’ve included just a few examples of my work below (I literally have HUNDREDS), so let me know what you think! Facebook Cover Photos I was lucky enough to be tasked with redesigning all of the content that Lipsy posted on their Facebook page. It was a big project; one that required me to create a variety of designs that were modern, on-brand and consistent. The layouts and styles I designed proved so popular with the company that it was decided they should be utilised over other branding collateral such as customer emails and the website. Even though I left the company in November last year, my designs are still …


Life At Lipsy

Wow, has it really been over two weeks?? Where has the time gone! I’ve technically only worked at Lipsy now for 9 days, but the amount I’ve already learnt is huge. I still feel ‘new’; it always takes me a little while to settle in to a job. Being an introvert, I need a good month to feel comfortable enough to openly be myself. That being said, I feel really at ease and happy around the E-commerce team and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them better. As for the job… I absolutely LOVE it. As a Junior Digital Designer, I don’t have the same experience and skills as my two colleagues – but the brilliance of this position is that I’m being TAUGHT. It’s a bit hectic in the office at the moment due to the upcoming Lipsy VIP Awards, but when things settle down I will have more of an opportunity to talk through what I want to learn and what areas I want more experience in. The Digital team built, …


Magazine & Leaflet Design

At the beginning of this year I started my new job as a Visual Marketing Manager at a French company called Soft Paris. However, I chose only to complete the 5 week probationary contract, rather than stay on full-time, due to a few reasons. Unfortunately the language barrier was just too much. I know only basic French and my colleagues at the time knew very little English. This made communicating professionally as well as socially really difficult and so I found the whole experience very isolating. I knew after the first 2 weeks that the position wasn’t what I had expected, but I finished the 5 week period to gain managerial & design experience and I don’t regret it for a second. I certainly learnt a lot – including a fair bit of French – and in this post I will show you 2 of the big projects I headed up! The main piece of work I had was to redesign the company recruitment magazine. I had to update the layout, photography, imagery, content and …


CV Update

I’ve recently updated my CV again, seeing as I finished my last job experience on the 7th of February. I decided to keep this one much simpler and tad more professional. I still love my previous version, but I wanted a design that I felt was appropriate for all applications! I’ve used my favourite, spring-time colour of light blue, which psychologically it is seen as ‘trustworthy, dependable and committed’. It’s the least gender specific colour so it will appeal to both men and women too! It also aids intuition and impulse, so hopefully it will inspire recruiters to take a chance on me! Let me know what you think!


A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

This is one of my favourite graphical pieces I’ve done. I decided that for my CV I wanted an image that represented me – what I like, what I can do – and I wanted it to have that ‘wow’ factor to grab potential employers’ attention. I thought, what better way to do this, than using an image of yourself and the different tones to express key words about my skills and abilities? The below is the result! It took a good few hours to get it just how I wanted and I’ve included a black and white copy as well as colour. I overlay some of the colours and emphasised the shapes of my eyes as I didn’t want to lose the detail of the unedited picture. As per usual, I hope you like it!


Iron Solutions – Website & Business Card Design

This is a project that I had to design a logo, business cards and a site for. Unfortunately near completion, the business went under and so no longer needed the work I had created, but I still use it in my portfolio as an example of my skills as well as my ability to listen to my client and adapt their needs. My friend, the client, said they wanted branding that represented structure, strength and profession. They wanted a simple colour scheme, focused on the blacks and greys with a hint of blue or gold/orange. I began researching imagery relating to the themes and ideas and came up with few varying concepts, shown above. The final site design is also shown above. My client loved the ideas from start to completion and was thrilled with the final pieces. It’s a shame that his company unfortunately went under at the end of the project and the work I had created wasn’t utilised, but I learnt a lot from the project, from dealing with and understanding clients …

Website + Background

SBA Systems – Web/Graphic Design & Social Media

(Please click on an image to enlarge it!) SBA Systems was one of my first projects undertaken through freelance; and therefore one of my projects I’m more proud of. SBA Systems is a Telecommunications company based in and around Essex. They wanted a site, built from scratch, that not only reflected business and technology, but also their branding of ‘red and black’. They didn’t want something that looked too ‘clinical’, but they did want something that was professional, simple to navigate and modern. My clients actually loved my designs from the initial ideas to the final stages! On the Home Page there is a revolving banner that holds a summary of some of the main areas of the business and underneath were 3 pictures and links to other areas. There is a News Page with related articles and their Twitter feed, as well as Contact Page. I designed the site itself in Photoshop, which allowed me to match the red colour and tone of black exactly to the existing logo. I wanted to ensure that …

Wildfire_Case_Study Benefit Cosmetics

Achievements at Benefit

Whilst working at Benefit I was lucky enough to have my work recognised on a number of occasions. My work through Wildfire Interactive and my Social Media Management and Development of the Benefit Facebook page made it into a case study and as a result, in the Metro Newspaper. It spoke about how my template and tab designs significantly improved fan engagement and interest. The artwork I created for competitions and events also saw a big increase in activity. The second is an award that I achieved from the CEO of Benefit Cosmetics. The UK Digital Dept (my boss and I), had seen the biggest growth and development of ALL the offices internationally. This was easily one of my proudest moments, and knowing that my commitment to the Benefit Social Media channels, the visuals I produced and my strategies directly influenced this award is something I’ll always treasure. The last is something I got from the Benefit Marketing Manager. In my time at Benefit, I took the Facebook fans from 45,000, to over 400,000. This …


Benefit Bestival Looks

As one of my final pieces of work at Benefit, I had to photograph, airbrush and re-touch 3 images of the ‘Nature’ looks for Bestival 2012. I was extremely flattered to be asked to model for the ‘Peacock’ make-up, and obviously couldn’t take my own photo in this instance! When airbrushing and retouching, I kept the looks as natural and as realistic as possible. As someone trained to airbrush photographs, I like to keep the subject looking ‘human’ and naturally beautiful! I used Photoshop to edit the pictures. Here are the 3 final photos. We have the Leopard, Peacock and Butterfly make-up looks. I hope you like them!


Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

I’m in LOVE with Edinburgh. Last week I was lucky enough to spend just over two days in the Scottish capital for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I was there to take pictures, Tweet/Facebook & meet a few lovely bloggers. I’m going to keep what I have to say short and sweet, despite the huge list of things I have to talk about, as I feel my pictures below more than represent just what an amazing time I had! The architecture is exquisite, the sights even more so and the people were really friendly. The weather was beautiful! & if that wasn’t enough, I also went to see one of the semi-finals for Funny Women and saw last years winner, Lara A King, headline! I met 3 wonderful bloggers, Adrienne from The Sunday Girl, Lori from Miss Lori Loves & Gillian from Elevator Music. All three were so lovely, they made my first visit to Edinburgh even more special. Sharing tips, tricks & laughs as well as being shown the sights, is an experience I’ll never …


Spring Time Apps, Competition & Awards!

Again, it’s been about a month since I last wrote! As usual work is incredibly busy, so I struggle to find the time to write more often! (I’m aware one of my Resolutions this year was to write more on my blog, but I HAVE made an effort to branch into style and beauty, so it’s not all bad really…!) First off is an update to my Top Sellers application on Facebook. I did a post about creating this ages ago, but I’ve given it a new lease of life this month to go with our more current products; Hervana and Cabana Glama. Not to mention our two most popular products, They’re Real & Porefessional. Here are some pics to take a look at. You can see how it’s changed! The Debenhams Beauty Award Winners were also announced a few days ago and amazingly we won 6 different categories, including ‘Best Mascara’, ‘Best Blusher’ & ‘Best Primer’! The visual is something I designed for both our Benefit blog and for Facebook/Twitter. For a small piece …

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow & The Tour!

On the 31st of March, Benefit Cosmetics launched their first and new liquid foundation, Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW. It’s make-up that brightens whilst giving a natural and luminous complexion. The oil-free formula with SPF 25PA+++, builds from light to medium coverage while feeling barely there. It also helps boost cellular respiration and prevents the signs of ageing. It comes in 9 different shades. To support the launch of our new foundation, we have a huge roadshow that’s been travelling the length of the UK and Ireland, inviting many of our bloggers along to help promote Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow. The main stops on the tour are Glasgow, Swansea, London, Norwich, Manchester and there will even be a stint in Cork & Dublin! My boss, Jasmine, is currently heading up the roadshow with our Head Makeup & Trend Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon, but I was lucky enough to attend the London event – the first stop on the trip! I designed the invites for each city and group of bloggers. I sent them out and arranged the …

Designing At Benefit

One part of my job I particularly love is being able to put my design skills to good use. This month I got to put together the Press Release for our new Box O’ Powder, Hervana. The artwork was already there, but I collated it into one big image for both PR and Digital. Take a look: I was also asked to design a Press Release for our Head Makeup & Trend Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon as part of London Fashion Week. It features her ‘Tips, Tricks & Trends’ which came straight from the catwalk. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and it was even feature on the House of Fraser website! I love to design (and use Photoshop!). I can lose myself for hours just designing and creating artwork. These 2 pieces are great examples of my work and are obviously joining my ever-growing portfolio!