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Have You Been Good This Year?

Here’s our Benefit Christmas Elves video that I edited. It took a fair bit of refining, and it’s safe to say I’ve seen enough of our Bene-men’s nipples to last me a life-time, but it was a huge amount of fun to edit and many a laugh was had! I’ve created a 30 second version and a 15 second version, which will be used as advertisements through YouTube TrueView. So far the response has been amazing, and we’re hoping that the results will only continue to get better! Enjoy! x

Ixion Holdings – Video Interviews with the Young & Unemployed

During my time at Ixion Holdings Limited, I visited many companies around the South East and London region to document how our Creative Work Placement scheme was helping young people, like myself, get a foot-in-the-door of the job industry. From a Paper Mill in Hertfordshire to Salt, a film company in London, I met a range of employers who understood the importance of helping young adults find a position in which they could learn and develop a career. I spoke to the employees too, all of whom were so thrilled to be blessed with such an opportunity. These videos not only helped me hone and develop my video-editing skills and confidence with talking to professionals in a business environment, but also ensured the company’s brilliant effort in the Government’s Work Programme were being documented. The videos gained positive reactions both internally and externally, and really expanded the company’s Marketing Strategy.