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Manning Gottlieb Interview

Two weeks ago I had an interview for the positions of Social Media Designer at Manning Gottlieb, a multi-award winning design agency based in London. I didn’t get the position (the company didn’t hire anyone in the end), but I was told that I was the strongest candidate with ‘amazing design talent’ and ‘really great ideas’. Of course I was sad not to get the role, but I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and that something even better will come along. Always stay positive! After I passed the phone interview, I had to prepare a brief of work for the final stage. Unfortunately I didn’t get the brief until much later than planned due to an administration error and I had to make do with the time I had. I worked continuously for 2 days straight and got the first two of the four parts done in great detail. I managed to thoroughly research the other two and come up with a variety of ideas ready to present for my interview. The interview …


Anything Can Happen

So, I have a little announcement to make… If the above picture doesn’t give it away somewhat, then let me just say I’m a super-duper ball of excitement at the moment!! Next Tuesday I will be starting my NEW job as Junior Digital Designer at Lipsy!! It’s still sinking in that I got the position and that I will be working for a brand I love! I’m of course, nervous, but my enthusiasm and determination far exceed the butterflies. The Head Office is in London at Oxford Circus – one of my favourite areas! It’s a job that will help train and develop my skills so that, hopefully, in a few years, I can become a Senior Digital Designer! I literally can’t wait to get started! I consider myself to be very lucky – getting a job in the fashion industry with a brand that I greatly respect and who will help me grow and build my career is a dream come true for me, especially considering the economic climate and lack of jobs available. …