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Manning Gottlieb Interview

Two weeks ago I had an interview for the positions of Social Media Designer at Manning Gottlieb, a multi-award winning design agency based in London. I didn’t get the position (the company didn’t hire anyone in the end), but I was told that I was the strongest candidate with ‘amazing design talent’ and ‘really great ideas’. Of course I was sad not to get the role, but I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and that something even better will come along. Always stay positive! After I passed the phone interview, I had to prepare a brief of work for the final stage. Unfortunately I didn’t get the brief until much later than planned due to an administration error and I had to make do with the time I had. I worked continuously for 2 days straight and got the first two of the four parts done in great detail. I managed to thoroughly research the other two and come up with a variety of ideas ready to present for my interview. The interview …

Social Media At Lipsy

Creating artwork for Lipsy’s social media channels was one of my main responsibilities. Social Media is an area I’m very passionate about, especially in terms of design, technology and marketing strategy. I brought my knowledge and experience from Benefit Cosmetics to the table and it put me in very good stead with the Social Manager! I designed for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram & Pinterest. I’ve included just a few examples of my work below (I literally have HUNDREDS), so let me know what you think! Facebook Cover Photos I was lucky enough to be tasked with redesigning all of the content that Lipsy posted on their Facebook page. It was a big project; one that required me to create a variety of designs that were modern, on-brand and consistent. The layouts and styles I designed proved so popular with the company that it was decided they should be utilised over other branding collateral such as customer emails and the website. Even though I left the company in November last year, my designs are still …

A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

This is one of my favourite graphical pieces I’ve done. I decided that for my CV I wanted an image that represented me – what I like, what I can do – and I wanted it to have that ‘wow’ factor to grab potential employers’ attention. I thought, what better way to do this, than using an image of yourself and the different tones to express key words about my skills and abilities? The below is the result! It took a good few hours to get it just how I wanted and I’ve included a black and white copy as well as colour. I overlay some of the colours and emphasised the shapes of my eyes as I didn’t want to lose the detail of the unedited picture. As per usual, I hope you like it!

SBA Systems – Web/Graphic Design & Social Media

(Please click on an image to enlarge it!) SBA Systems was one of my first projects undertaken through freelance; and therefore one of my projects I’m more proud of. SBA Systems is a Telecommunications company based in and around Essex. They wanted a site, built from scratch, that not only reflected business and technology, but also their branding of ‘red and black’. They didn’t want something that looked too ‘clinical’, but they did want something that was professional, simple to navigate and modern. My clients actually loved my designs from the initial ideas to the final stages! On the Home Page there is a revolving banner that holds a summary of some of the main areas of the business and underneath were 3 pictures and links to other areas. There is a News Page with related articles and their Twitter feed, as well as Contact Page. I designed the site itself in Photoshop, which allowed me to match the red colour and tone of black exactly to the existing logo. I wanted to ensure that …

Major Work

Here’s a selection of my Major Work project from my final year at Kent University! In this task I had to redesign the campus night club, ‘The Venue’. I haven’t included all my work, as it’s over 40 pages, but I’ve shown the pieces that give an idea of what I did to complete the project! Design, Architectural Drawings (Elevations & Plans), Technology, 3D Models & Final Proposals. If you want to see more, visit my Facebook or my Flickr.