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My Spring to Summer Favourites

I LOVE Spring fashions; from floral prints to pastel colours the styling is right up my street. Whenever I get a spare moment I can often be found perusing the latest trends online and below are 4 looks I’ve created comprised of some of my favourite pieces out at the moment. This is a new kind of post for me, but in keeping with my 30 day challenge of doing something new ever day, I thought I’d give this a try. Look 1 Warehouse Denim Joggers £46 // Warehouse Scuba Floral Print Top £30 // Clarks Romantic Moon Sandals £49.99 // Warehouse Silk Cord Power Statement Necklace £20 // Zara Perforated Shopper £29.99 This look for me is perfect for a casual day out with friends or family. The Denim Joggers from Warehouse are GORGEOUS and are firmly at the top of my Birthday wishlist. They can be worn in a variety of outfits for both day or night; I’d wear them with heels, a cami and a blazer for an evening out. Here I’ve …


My Favourite Perfumes

I love perfume. No matter what I’m doing or where I’m going, I always spritz myself in the morning – it makes me feel ready for the day and just that little bit more confident. I think that because I’m naturally more of a tomboy, this gives me a little feminine edge. I get my mini-obsession from my mum, who owns just about every Chanel & Dior scent ever made – including the originals made about 40 years ago. Her collection is so impressive; I might have to sneak a few into mine…(shh). But to me, perfumes and fragrances are a form of personal expression that gives you a tiny little insight into the personality of the wearer. Are they someone who likes a strong, spicy scent or someone who prefers a fresh and soothing smell? I find it so interesting! For example, I have a friend who loves Miss Dior. I took a whiff, almost gagged and had an awful headache that lasted all day. Crazy, right? I’m a huge fan of Dior, but …


I’m Loving… Knits

If it’s one thing my mates will always say about me, it’s that I love a good knit. A cardi, a jumper, a dress… I’m all over it. I saw this absolute BEAUTY on the Oasis website, and quite frankly, I need it in my life. I love the neutral colours – browns, creams, greens and greys and this is a perfect example! Plus, it’s fluffy AND, yes, it has SEQUINS. My life is complete. It’s available here at for £55. (Just leave a size 8, please).


I’m Loving… Oasis

I won’t lie, I’m going to end up probably buying all of the above. That’s right, EVERYTHING. If it’s one brand that I love, it’s Oasis. Whether it’s a fluffy jumper (and we all know I ADORE knits), or a dress with an intricately designed print, I love all the products they have to offer. When I buy an item (or 6) of clothing, I expect to get quality for a good price; and you always do with Oasis. I have followed the company since I was about 13 years old and have always particularly loved their knits and party/going out dresses. I wore a beautiful dress that, to this day, I still can’t define the stunning colour. It’s one of my favourite items of clothing I’ve EVER owned, and when wearing it to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2011, I got nothing but compliments. My wish list on their website is growing out of control, but hey, it’s Christmas soon, so I know exactly what I’ll be asking for…! ‘Dear Santa…’


I’m Loving… This Skirt!

I WANT this skirt SO much. I very rarely wear skirts, simply because I believe my legs should be covered for public-decency (har har), but I can’t actually resist this one. They don’t actually have here in Chelmsford, but Im going to get it online. With a pair of kitten heels, and my Benefit Betina to make my legs look smooth and shiny, this is the perfect day skirt. It’s so elegant! I must have it!

This Week In Pictures

It’s been a long week and a shorter weekend (funnily enough). I can’t believe I’m back to work tomorrow! This week I got some late-arriving Birthday presents, including a BEAUTIFUL personalised ‘Carrie Style SATC’ necklace with a Swarovski green crystal from my mum, a necklace and earrings from a friend and – possibly the most exciting – Seasons 1 & 2 of The Vampire Diaries. I ADORE this series, so I am super pleased! Yesterday I went out to exchange a few things my mother had brought me (they didn’t fit unfortunately) and came home with Bronze Mid Heel Court Shoes from Dorothy Perkins, which are just gorgeous and surprisingly comfortable. I also bought some much needed new underwear! Matching sets, of course, from La Senza. I also tried on a stunning purple dress from Coast, which I hopefully will wear at Benefit’s Glamouriety event on June 18th. I haven’t bought it yet; £125 is a fair bit to spend on one item and I’m waiting for one of Debenhams’ many spectaculars! I also ‘ordered’ …

Wish List170512

Wish List 17th May 2012

1. I adore these Stitch Tan T-Bar Clog heels from Miss Selfridge. I’ve been looking for a pair of heels for a while now that will go with a range of outfits whilst being comfortable if I should be on my feet all day. These shoes have many great reviews and are completely gorgeous. They’ll take a casual outfit and give it a hint of sexy and class (always a plus). 2. I saw these sunglasses from Oasis last weekend when I was at Lakeside. My friend said how good they looked on me, but I decided not to buy them as I generally prefer the aviator style. However, I love the 70’s design too, especially with the filigree cut out detail, so I think I might have to take another look at them! (Plus, you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, let’s be honest). 3. I saw this beautiful Cream Lace Blazer from Dorothy Perkins online today, and instantly fell in love with it. I adore neutral colours and this would work …

My Birthday

The past few days have been amazing; I’ve been a very lucky lady! It was my Birthday on Sunday and I’ve celebrated turning 23 in many brilliant ways! On Thursday last week, I went to see Les Miserables with my dad, his new partner and my twin brother. It was FANTASTIC! The most mesmerising spectacle of art I’ve ever seen! The music is simply perfect and it makes the whole show that extra bit special. I can’t begin to describe how in love with the musical I am – I left the Queen’s Theatre at gone 10pm, inspired and elated. I’ve wanted to see the show for years, but had never found anyone to go with. My desire to see the musical stemmed from seeing a 10 minute performance on the Royal Variety performance back in 2010. It marked the 25th year the show had been on stage. It had four of the actors who played the lead of Jean Valjean, and their voices were stunning. I knew then I already loved it! For those …

Wish List 7th May 2012

Okay, so I’ve never really let my girly side come out, but she’s been dying to say ‘hello!’ and show her beaming face! I’ve put together my wish list from the past few weeks to show off the products I’m lusting after. Plus, it’s my Birthday next Sunday so I’m also hoping I might be blessed with a few of these as gifts! I’m in love with all of these things, but what I want most is the Nikon DSLR. My Pentax is so out of date now, and I LOVE photography almost more than life. However, at over £3000 for just the body, I definitely can’t afford it! I’d be tempted to sell my pancreas if it was a legal form of currency! I think I’ll treat myself to the Jasper Conran cream leather bag for my birthday, even if it is £99. I mean come on, it isn’t every day a young lady turns 23, right? I’m a little obsessed with buying clothes, so chances are within the next two weeks, I’ll actually …

Designing At Benefit

One part of my job I particularly love is being able to put my design skills to good use. This month I got to put together the Press Release for our new Box O’ Powder, Hervana. The artwork was already there, but I collated it into one big image for both PR and Digital. Take a look: I was also asked to design a Press Release for our Head Makeup & Trend Artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon as part of London Fashion Week. It features her ‘Tips, Tricks & Trends’ which came straight from the catwalk. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and it was even feature on the House of Fraser website! I love to design (and use Photoshop!). I can lose myself for hours just designing and creating artwork. These 2 pieces are great examples of my work and are obviously joining my ever-growing portfolio!

Benefit Roundup!

Hey all! I’ll try to keep to the point and not ramble on too much today! The first project I’ll start with is Diet Coke. For spring, Benefit befriended Diet Coke for an exciting collaboration as part of their ‘Get Glam’ collection that started in this month and goes on until the end of March. The collection, which is influenced by the puppet-personalities of the Diet Coke girls, sees three new-season looks created – Romantic Eyes, Rock Chic Base & Fashionista Lips. Three limited-edition Diet Coke cans have been designed to accompany each look. With each can comes a £5 voucher code to redeem against purchases over £20 at Benefit Cosmetics UK! The three looks are Romantic, Fasionista and Rock Chick. Each has been created with Benefit’s three main tints in mind; Benetint (Fashionista), Posietint (Romantic) & ChaChaTint (Rock Chic). Diet Coke created videos to show how to create each look using Benefit products (and of course the tints!). Here are the videos for each, take a look! Romantic Eyes Fashionista Lips Rock Chick Base …